Doubt and Uncertainty in Science and Religion

sinai-and-synapsesOn Wednesday, Sinai and Synapses, an organization that “seeks to bridge the religious and scientific worlds, offering people a worldview that is scientifically grounded and spiritually uplifting,” held its second seminar for a small group of scientists, clergy, and journalists. Karl Giberson, who has long written about the relationship between science and religion, and biologist Stuart Firestein, author of the book Ignorance, spoke about belief, knowledge, doubt, and uncertainty—and Sinai and Synapses has made videos of their presentations available on its website.

Check Out Richard Wiseman’s YouTube Channel

Here’s the trailer experimental psychologist Richard Wiseman put together for his quirky psychology channel, which will get you to see things in new ways:

The Importance of Self-Compassion

Kristin Neff, a professor of human development and culture at The University of Texas at Austin, speaks at TEDxCentennialParkWomen.

Presidential Candidate Rick Perry on Evolution

Here’s what he told a boy on the campaign trail in New Hampshire:

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