Update on the Next Generation Science Standards

In Maryland and Vermont, the state board of education has voted to adopt the new K-12 science standards, which call for the teaching of evolution and climate change. They join the school boards of Rhode Island, Kentucky, and Kansas.

Follow-Up on Bills in Three States

From Robert Luhn of the National Center for Science Education:

A flurry of antiscience bills proposed earlier this year have died a quiet death, notably in Indiana, Arizona, and Oklahoma. The details:

Antiscience bill dies in Indiana

Antiscience bill dies in Arizona

Antiscience bill dies in Oklahoma

“Right to Pray” Amendment in Missouri

From Robert Luhn of the National Center for Science Education:

Missouri voters overwhelmingly approved Amendment 2 (82% in favor, 17% against). The amendment was listed on the ballot as protecting the right of citizens to pray and express their religious beliefs (rights already guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution). Nothing at the ballot box warned voters that the amendment also promises “no student shall be compelled to perform or participate in academic assignments or educational presentations that violate his or her religious beliefs.” Will creationist students use this as a permission slip to skip lessons on evolution?

Anti-Evolution Bills in Three States

A few days ago, Robert Luhn of the National Center for Science Education rounded them up:

In the last day or so, we’ve seen two bills put forward in Missouri:

“Intelligent design” bill in Missouri

“A second antievolution bill in Missouri”

… and just last week in Indiana:

“Creationist legislation in Indiana”

“Opposition to Indiana’s creationist bill”

… and … in New Hampshire!

“Antievolution legislation in New Hampshire”

“Monitoring antievolution bills in New Hampshire”

“The Granite Geek on New Hampshire’s antievolution bills”

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