Ernan McMullin Dies

Ernan McMullin, a philosopher of science at the University of Notre Dame who wrote about the relationship between cosmology and theology, and was an expert on the life of Galileo, died on February 8. He was 86.

Antony Flew Dies

Antony Flew, a philosopher who argued that debates about God should begin with the “presumption of atheism” but then in his old age announced he had changed his mind about belief in a creator (citing scientific discoveries as the cause of his conversion to deism), died on April 8. He was 87.

Theologian & Author Robert Short Dies

Robert Short, the Presbyterian minister and theologian who is said to have initiated the study of religion through popular culture (with his 1965 best-selling book The Gospel According to Peanuts), died on July 6 in Little Rock, Arkansas. He was 76.

Benedictine Priest Stanley Jaki Dies

Rev. Stanley Jaki, a Hungarian physicist and theologian known for exploring the relationship between modern science and orthodox Christianity (and who won the Templeton Prize in 1987), died yesterday in Madrid, Spain, following a heart attack the day before. He was 84.

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