Pick a Winner in Project Reason’s Video Contest

As we told you a few months back, Project Reason is holding a video contest that will award monetary prizes to the three short videos that best communicate the importance of scientific thinking or secular values. There’s still time to get involved: Through Sunday, you can watch the nine finalists on Project Reason’s Web site and vote for your favorite entry.

Yoko Ono: Vote Now for a U.S. Department of Peace

Yoko Ono took to her Twitter to ask people to vote for a U.S. Department of Peacebuilding—currently on track to make the final round of the Ideas for Change in America competition run by Change.org. (Last year, “Appoint a Secretary of Peace in a Department of Peace” was voted one of the top 10 ideas.)
The first round of voting ends Thursday at 5 p.m., and there are lots of other interesting ideas, so go to the Web site and vote for your favorites!

Calling All College Students With a Video Camera

videocontestThe Web site Patheos has decided to hold a “Faith on Campus” video contest, inviting students older than 18 to share their faith (or lack thereof) in a short video that’s no longer than five minutes.
The grand-prize winner will get 2,500 dollars, and 1,000 dollars will be awarded to the best video on each of these topics:

• Why I am a [fill in your faith]
• How I live my beliefs on campus
• Rituals and practices of my faith

Entries will be posted as they come in, and you can go to the site and vote for your favorites. The 20 videos that get the highest number of votes will enter the final round, where a panel of official judges, including Science & Religion Today contributors Craig Detweiler and Eboo Patel, will pick the winners. Another 1,000 dollars will be given to the video the public likes best.
The deadline for submission is April 15.

Win Money for a Video Promoting Critical Thinking

contestMake a short video that communicates the importance of scientific thinking or secular values and you could win The Reason Project‘s video contest. (Entries can be funny or serious, live-action or animated, but no longer than eight minutes.) The first-place winner gets 10,000 dollars.
The deadline for entry is February 28.

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