Have an Idea You Think Would Change the World?

Put it in a video that’s two to five minutes long and send it to Scientific American, which has partnered with SciVee to hold The World Changing Ideas Video Contest. They’re looking for “innovative ways to build a cleaner, healthier, safer world.” (Here are the kinds of ideas they have in mind)
Scientific American staffers will judge the videos, and readers can pick their favorites for the “Viewer’s Choice Award” in each category (energy, transportation, environment, electronics or robotics, health care or medicine). The winners will be announced in July.

Win Hundreds of the Most Important S&R Books

The International Society for Science and Religion will choose 150 universities, research centers, and other institutions to receive more than 200 hardbound science and religion books, along with a companion volume by ISSR members, who will summarize and critique each book.
According to the society:

The editorial board has selected volumes that provide the essential core of research to date along with a number of additional works that contextualize major lines of inquiry. Foundational work in science and religion is coupled with explanatory and background texts in related fields as well as science, history, philosophy, and religious studies.

Faculty members or administrators at institutions that have permanent circulating libraries are invited to apply online, and preference will be given to places that have a strong demand for these books (and active teaching and research) but limited resources to buy them. Applications will be judged on a rolling basis.

Courage Cash Prize!

A note from our friend Robert Biswas-Diener:

Do you know someone who excites in physical danger, who sticks up for underdogs, or who tells the truth even when it is difficult? Nominate him or her to win 250 dollars July 15, 2010!
Details: To nominate you have to be part of the mailing list at www.intentionalhappiness.com. Nominations must contain the name and email address (or phone) of the nominee; and must include a short description of their bravery (no more than two paragraphs). Nominations can be hand mailed or emailed to Positive Psychology Services and must be received by June 15. Winner will need to consent to have their name and story used publicly. Winner will receive 250 dollars and a signed book by me.

Who Won Project Reason’s Video Contest?

The grand prize went to “The Values We All Stand For,” which looks at national symbols and references to God and “why they shouldn’t be a part of a government that is supposed to represent all of us.”

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