Science + Religion Today Is Moving!

We’re thrilled to announce that, as of today, this blog is moving to its new home on a brand-new site, Big Questions Online:

BQO will delve into the big questions of human purpose and ultimate reality, with a focus on science, religion, economics, and ethics. We’ll be a part of something bigger—and we’re excited to join the other bloggers and esteemed group of columnists—but we’ll continue to explore the intersection of science and religion in the same way we always have.

The posts and comments on this site will stay up for the time being. While for now you won’t be able to receive our new posts via an email news feed, our Facebook and Twitter pages won’t change, and I’ll be posting lots more stuff there as the blog transitions. (Click here to become a fan on Facebook and here to follow us on Twitter.) You can still reach me at

We hope you’ll move with us, and be sure to update your bookmarks and blogrolls with our new address:

Thanks for all your support,
Heather Wax

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