Science and Religion: 5 Questions

science and religion 5 questionsGregg Caruso sent us a note about this newly published collection of interviews—based on five questions—with 33 leading philosophers, scientists, theologians, apologists, and atheists. (Regular readers of this blog will recognize many of the names.) The work is edited by Caruso, the editor of the recently launched journal Science, Religion and Culture.
Steven Pinker has blurbed the book, as has theologian Philip Clayton, who writes:

Imagine that some of the world’s best-known scientists, philosophers, and religionists were to offer up their answers to an identical set of probing questions. Imagine that these articulate statements, composed by scholars who think deeply about science and religion, are then assembled in a single collection. That’s the volume you’re holding—a fascinating snapshot of where the dialogue stands today, and of what it has (and hasn’t yet) achieved.

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    would like to purchase this volume,where can i get the copy?

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