July 26, 2013

Creating a False Memory
A group of neuroscientists say that they’ve identified a potential mechanism of false memory creation and have planted such a memory in the brain of a mouse. (Kelly Servick, ScienceNow)

Are You a Narcissist?
Find out where you fall on the narcissism spectrum, then figure out whether you need a self-esteem boost or a large slice of humble pie. (Julia Savacool, Details)

Looking to Fight
Turning the head is one of the two strongest non-verbal cues of an impending fight, according to a new study by two criminologists, Richard Johnson and Jasmine Aaron, at the University of Toledo. Struck, as it were, by the relative paucity of research into what cues could predict a fight between adults, the two surveyed 178 undergraduates about what behaviors suggested to them that trouble was brewing. (Michael Todd, Pacific Standard)

More on the TV Series “Cosmos”
Above all, Cosmos is an invitation: to wonder, to explore, to ask, and to discover. It’s an outstretched hand, welcoming watchers to a universe extending beyond the outer limits of their own experience and knowledge. Cosmos isn’t about berating people for their ignorance; it’s about offering them something worth learning, and the means to reach it. It was never an argument. It set out to share, not to convince. And, as a result, it’s one of the most powerful pieces of scientific evangelism ever produced. (Rachel Edidin, Underwire, Wired)

Francis Collins

Though he believes in “the harmony of science and faith,” the director of the National Institutes of Health and the author of The Language of God says he keeps books by Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens on his shelves: “Iron sharpens iron.” (The New York Times)

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