December 6, 2012

Extroverted Gorillas in Captivity Live Longer Than Introverted Ones
Using methods adapted from studying human personality, keepers, volunteers, researchers, and other caretakers gauged 298 individual gorillas’ temperaments. These gorillas were followed over 18 years and their life spans recorded. The results revealed the more sociable, active, playful, and curious the gorilla, the longer it was likely to live. The results are consistent with studies finding that human extroverts outlive introverts, too, study researcher Alex Weiss of the University of Edinburgh said in a statement. (Stephanie Pappas, LiveScience)

When We’re Not Good Samaritans
When it comes to Good Samaritan acts, especially in a situation where time is limited to seconds, a variety of factors come into play. (Sheila Eldred, Discovery News)

Marco Rubio Clarifies His Understanding of the Age of the Earth
The Florida senator said he recognized that scientists agree that the earth is at least 4.5 billion years old and explained that this belief is not inconsistent with his faith. (Igor Volsky, Think Progress)

The Pope Joins Twitter
The Vatican unveiled Pope Benedict XVI’s Twitter account as it announced a series of new initiatives aimed at raising the church’s online profile. The pope’s account, @Pontifex, drew nearly 200,000 followers in the hours after the announcement even though Benedict will not officially start tweeting until December 12. That’s when the pope plans to answer questions about faith submitted to him via Twitter through a special hashtag, #askpontifex, set up by the Vatican. (Alessandro Speciale, Religion News Service)

Is Personality a Factor in Loving Spicy Food?
Sensation seeking emerged as a much stronger predictor of spicy food liking than in previous studies, and it also predicted how often a person ate chili-laden meals. The personality trait, however, was not associated with high liking of non-spicy foods, which reduced the possibility that thrill seekers are just crazy about food in general. (Jennifer Abbasi, Popular Science)

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