Craig Venter and God

Wil Hylton, who profiles Craig Venter in the most recent issue of The New York Times Magazine, observes that:

It’s been interesting over the years to see him become more open about his beliefs. Venter doesn’t believe in God. There was a time when he kept that private, and worried that it would muddy the perception of his work, which was a legitimate worry, by the way. It’s not trivial that his rival in the human genome project was Francis Collins, who’s now the head of the N.I.H. and a devout Christian. So you had this very easy narrative, irresistible to reporters everywhere, about the selfless public scientist who loved God and man, versus the greedy corporate atheist who wanted to buy life.

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  1. Dalton Bagbby says:

    No, your tone appears biased and sarcastic and not fair. What Craig Venter did say on national television to quote: “No. I believe that the universe is far more wonderful than just assuming it was made by some higher power.” Think about that with your morning cereal for awhile.

  2. Dalton Bagbby says:

    You also left off the last half of the SAME paragraph from the New York Times interview. Because, this below, was in the same paragraph, what you did was cut a thought in half! Paragraphs have a beginning, middle and end. You left off at the middle sir. This means you took a man’s thought and parsed it which totally changes the tone for which I object. To wit:

    “Last fall, I was at dinner with a bunch of his longtime friends and colleagues. They were all on vacation together, paying their own way. One of the guys took the occasion to confess sheepishly that he’s a Christian. Nobody ever knew. Venter’s eyes got wide, and he glared at the guy, and then he blurted out, “You’re fired!” And everybody burst out laughing. Again, those guys are old buddies, so it was nothing but a joke and quickly forgotten. But the fact that Venter was willing to make the joke in front of a reporter struck me as new.”


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