How Is a Pleasant-Activated Feeling Different From Just a Pleasant Feeling?

Pleasant-activated feelings are a subset of pleasant feelings that include those characterized by high activation or alertness. Examples of pleasant-activated feelings include excitement, happiness, and enthusiasm. These types of feelings are very different from the pleasant feelings of relaxation, calmness, or contentment, which are characterized by low activation, and therefore are referred to as pleasant-deactivated feelings.

To enhance pleasant-activated feelings, people can participate in more physical activity. To enhance pleasant-deactivated feelings, people can participate in breathing and meditation exercises.

Amanda Hyde is a doctoral student in the department of kinesiology at The Pennsylvania State University.

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  1. Really speaking Pleasant -activated feeling gave birth to pleasant feeling, relaxation calmness or contentment.I gave my experiences when I spend every Sunday morning to Clim the hill I experienced pleasant feeling, that include those characterized by high activation or alertness,excitement,happiness and enthusiasm.When I came back home in the afternoon I experienced pleasant feeling relaxation calmness or contentment.Without pleasant-activated feeling relaxation is boring dull.Pleasant -activated feeling you can experienced any active work writing gardening finishing that work you experienced so pleasant felling that only countable.

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