September 27, 2011

Digitized Dead Sea Scrolls
The oldest known biblical manuscripts in existence, the Dead Sea Scrolls, are now online to everyone in the world with the aid of the Israel Museum in Jerusalem and Google. (Charles Choi, LiveScience)

How We’re Influenced by Power
Michael Kraus: Research into the psychology of power by Stéphane Côté at the University of Toronto and colleagues suggests that rather than being universally corrupting, leadership can give people the control and freedom to play to their strengths and pursue their own goals and interests. For those who are already prone to unethical or immoral behavior, this can lead them even further astray. For those who possess agreeable or charitable traits, it can enhance their prosocial qualities and benefit society. (New Scientist)

Clothing Can Affect Perception of Race
What you wear can influence how others view you—specifically what they perceive your race to be, a new study finds. The findings show how stereotypes and prejudices play a powerful role in how we mentally categorize people, says Jon Freeman, lead author of the study and a doctoral candidate in psychology at Tufts University. (Christina Tsuei, Health Blog, The Wall Street Journal)

Serotonin and Aggression
Researchers gave 19 healthy volunteers a diet that reduced their serotonin levels and then scanned their brains. They found that communication between the brain’s amygdala regions, which process fear, and its restraining prefrontal cortex had broken down. That schism could unleash disproportionately violent reactions to mild threats. (New Scientist)

Judaism Without God
Unlike other religions, Judaism has often embraced its atheist strain. (Kimberly Winston, Religion News Service)

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