Nuptial Entanglement

I’m coming a little late to this, but Jonathon Keats has a new science-art project at the AC Institute in New York City. As an alternative to conventional marriage via church or state authority, he’s pairing people up with quantum entanglement.

When subatomic particles are entangled, they behave as if they were one and the same—any change to one particle instantly and identically changes the other, no matter how far apart they are. Quantum marriage is based on this phenomenon.

As Keats explains:

The equipment is situated in a sunny window. Exposed to the full spectrum of solar radiation, a nonlinear crystal entangles photons. Pairs of entangled photons are divided by prisms, and the photoelectric effect translates their entangled state to the bodies of a couple who wish to be united. …
Moreover those who get entangled will have to take their entanglement on faith, as any attempt to measure a quantum system disentangles it.

“Quantum Entanglements” will be operating through July. Check out this video from Science Friday that helps explain the thinking behind the project:

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