Let Someone Else Make Your Hard Decisions

Actually, something else. Behavioral economist Dan Ariely has created an app called Procrastinator for the iPhone. It’s simple: You set a deadline for your tough decision and if you haven’t made a choice when the time it up, Procrastinator makes it for you.
The reason for the app, Ariely explains, is that:

when we are choosing between two or more very similar options, we tend NOT to take into account the consequences of not deciding. … a friend of mine spent three months choosing between two different cameras, only to miss countless photo opportunities that he will never get back. And given how similar the two cameras were, he might have been better off simply flipping a coin.

Ariely has also created the “At a boy!” app, which pays you a compliment every time you tap the screen. To help him figure out which comments make people feel best, he asks users to rate them using the thumbs up/thumbs down feature. You can also submit compliments that will be given to other people. According to Ariely, “not only are we sensitive to rude remarks from strangers, but we are also very excited when we get kind words, even if they are just random; they just make us feel much better, even if these strangers don’t know us very well.”

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