Tennessee’s Candidates for Governor on ID

At the gubernatorial debate in Tennessee last night, Democratic candidate Mike McWherter and the three Republican candidates, Knoxville Mayor Bill Haslam, Lieutenant Governor Ron Ram­sey, and U.S. Representative Zach Wamp, were asked a question about teaching evolution and “intelligent design” in public schools. Michael Cass of The Tennessean live-blogged the debate, and here’s what he reported:

McWherter: There’s a place for talking about evolution in our pub­lic schools. We can blend sci­ence and religion, and the two do not have to con­tra­dict each other.

Ram­sey: We do need to teach intel­li­gent design in schools. “I’m a Christian.”

Wamp: Man is not the cen­ter of the uni­verse: God is. If going to teach evo­lu­tion, it bet­ter be counter-acted by teach­ing of intel­li­gent design.

Haslam: I believe in an intel­li­gent designer. Also believe we can teach sci­ence in schools. “That doesn’t scare me at all.”

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  1. MKR says:

    Yet another reason to be glad that I don’t live in the South. “We can blend sci­ence and religion, and the two do not have to con­tra­dict each other.” Right, provided that we are free to distort or deny any scientific conclusions that conflict with someone’s religious convictions. The only comment represented here that is not utterly benighted is that of Haslam, who merely expresses personal belief in an “intelligent designer” and does not confuse it with “teaching science in schools.”

  2. RYR says:

    I guess they haven’t heard that a Federal judge in PA has already ruled that ID isn’t science and may not be taught in public schools. Eventually I’m sure that will be pushed all the way to the Supreme Court, but for now it’s the law. I almost came unglued watching this madness Monday night.

  3. DaBigQ says:

    This seems kind of vague, need more of the responses. If McWherter is saying we can blend science and religion “in the classroom”, then he’s dead wrong. If merely “teach science in the classroom” but blend with religion at home, well, that’s his privilege.

    Same goes for Haslam: it’s his privilege to believe in ID at home, just not in the classroom.

    Ramsey and Wamp, however, have condemned themselves out of their own mouths as being deliberately ignorant, or cynically playing to their base.

  4. Sgal says:

    Sounds to me like Ramsey and Wamp are right on track. There is only one creater, the ultimate in intellegent design. All you have to do is look out your window at all he has created in addition to mankind to see that. I think there is no place for evelotution in our schools. The only thing it does is confuse the children it’s taught to. I have a grandchild and it scares me to death to think of the things she may be forced to sit through in school. I is my earnest prayer I have something to say about it and she never has to hear this garbage.

  5. Tim says:

    Well since the father of science Sir Isaac Newton believed that one could not grasp science without the understanding of God and believed in Intelligent Design, I will have to agree with Sir Isaac Newton and study both Science and Religion as a whole.

  6. Cleve says:

    As the evidence seems to point that, Just looking at the statements from some people. We are willing to allow evolution to be taught, along with Creation. However, Fear of some sort by evolutionists that creationists are correct keeps them upset. So Keep it all out. NO prayers for muslims, NO prayer for protestants, NO prayer for buddhists, NO prayer for Jews, NO prayer period. And for those who don’t believe in GOD, Stop using his name, in your insurance terms (Acts of GOD).In your defaiming language, How can you asked someone to Damn something if you don’t believe in them. Respect is something you can show without it affecting your core values and beliefs, unless the person and their beliefs are so fragile they would not be able to stand. I happen to love all peoples, and am willing to let them live their lives as they choose. I only ask for the same respect, Yes we can live or co-exsist as some say. Yet we have to allow everyone their space. However (PROFILING) as it is called exsists and should. I am sure if a caucasion woman robs someone, we should detain every hispanic male to make sure we don’t PROFILE. We do need to get over this offending fear. I, in my job, continualy let my customers know, let me know what your thinking, feeling about a project. I tell them, treat me as if I have no feelings. Doing it this way gives them the freedom to let me get it right for them. And before anyone asks, my clients include, Male, Female, Young, Old, Muslim, African American, Caucasion, Hispanic, Gay, Lesbian, Christian, Athiest, Agnostic, New Age, Meditationists, Jews, Hindu’s. And possibly more I don’t know of. I respect their homes and property and their belief’s. And at the same time I am able to keep my belief’s in tact. Imagine that. I am not so ignorant as to think my time spent with these people, which happen to be nice, is going to change me. And tollerance is something we need to practice, and yet, if there is a safety concern, address it, check it, and move on. If someone gets offended, get over it. I have had my things searched at airports, had to take off my shoes etc.. and I didn’t die from embarassment, or even get upset. I just complied and moved on.

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