Image of the Entire Sky From the Planck Telescope

Here’s how to interpret it: The bright line through the middle is the main disc of our Milky Way galaxy, and it’s surrounded by the dust where new stars are being formed.
The red and yellow areas at the top and bottom are the cosmic microwave background radiation, the oldest light in the universe. (Astronomers will digitally remove the Milky Way’s emissions to see the whole microwave background, hoping to learn much more about how the universe formed and evolved.)

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  1. pat scott says:

    not sure what this means

  2. jerry says:

    right to the point:matches allan guth’s prediction of what the verrrrry early universe ought to look like assuming it was uniform and had suddenly undergone inflation(theoretical data points from the inflationary theory can be superimposed upon the cosmic backround radiation curve-the red stuff– and the match is amazzzzzzzzing!). yes—it is verrrrrrry abstruse but worth the cerebral challenge to comprehend it!

  3. Poop Master says:


  4. Jason says:

    It’s not possible to comprehend Jerry! but yes it is very abstruse! It is a picture of the “light” of the universe as it appeared over 13 billion years ago! This is not actual light as we know it! These are microwaves and radiowaves that that are not actually visible to the human eye. All we can do is let somebody tell us what meaning is to be made of it! and that is really abstruse!

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