Michio Kaku Isn’t Ashamed to Use the Word “God”

“I work in something called String Theory which makes the statement that we are reading the mind of God. … We physicists are the only scientists who can say the word “God” and not blush,” Michio Kaku writes on his Big Think blog.
“The fact of the matter is that we are dealing with the cosmic questions of existence and meaning. Thomas Huxley, the great biologist of the last century, said that the question of all questions for science and religion is to determine our true place and our true role in the Universe. For both science and religion it is the same question. However, there has essentially been a divorce in the last century or so between that of science and the Humanists and I think that it’s very sad that we don’t speak the same language anymore.”

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  1. Yes, it is sad and strange that physicists are not embarassed to use the word God, while biologists want to fight the idea of God down to the last, while at the same time biologists seem to aspire to be like physicists.

    The problem seems to be that biologists think that they have found a replacement for God in evolution, while physicists are smart enough to know that the universe did not come together by chance.

    Check out my new book on this issue, DARWIN’S MYTH on my website, rightrelates.org.

  2. Gordon says:

    Biologists have not tried to replace God. Scirntists have reacted recdntly to the past 20 years of being told by fundamentalists that science and religion are incompatible. They are not incompatible at all and its possible to believe in God and still believe in evolution. Its a non issue.

  3. I would agree that both sides are at fault, but from what I have read scientists, or people claiming to be scintists are saying that Darwin who apparently did have a problem with the concept of God made belief in God superfluous.

    Now I agree with you in that I agree that life forms have changed and developed over the millenia. On the other hand I do not think that evolution is based on random chance and selection based conflict between members of the same species.

    Since this is how Darwin and his minions have defined his theory and most scientists affirm Darwin’s Theory to be true, then there is a conflict between God as I understand God and that aspect of science.

    Also some want to make the litmus test of one’s acceptance of science as believing in Darwin’s Theory, which is in many aspects contrary to the main body of science.

    This then are the problems that need to be addressed rather than glossed over.

    1) Evolution as a process is an established fact.

    2) Evolutionary theory, that is the theorical description of how and why evolution takes place, is not well defined regardless of what the Darwinists claim.

    3) Darwin’s Theory is at odds with the mainstream of all other scientific models and needs to be replaced by symbiosis.

    4) Scientists and theologians need to work on a new intellectual, philosophical foundation for both disciplines and all society to replace modernism and postmodernism, which are outmoded.

  4. jjj says:

    Most biologist don’t believe in God.
    What I think is, if God is the source of all truth, then wouldn’t discovering evolution be like discovering God’s methods? I have a hard time believing that the ultimate reality of all existence can be know by a materialist anyway.

  5. Dawking says:

    I found this article after googling Kaku’s views on God. It’s very harmful to use the word God in a pantheistic sense like most physicists are using because it we often associate the word God with theism and religion. Biologists know better because we don’t need to associate a magical superstition in science, it is an unnecessary word. Stephen Hawking, Steve Weinberg, Lawrence Krauss are the few who know it is a nonsensical term. I could use Shiva to explain the unknown and that doesn’t lead us anywhere. Religion belongs in mythology rather than attempt to reconcile its supernatural claims with scientific rationality. Using the word God leads to unnecessary questions like, which God? Why not gods? Intelligent designer? How does this God work? etc etc.

  6. Some guy named James. says:

    Yes. It is not us that need the body, to live. It is the body that needs us, to live. To really understand this, is to understand truth.
    I control the body. what am I?
    I control the brain. what am I?
    I control the electrodes. what am I?
    The truth is…What we are, never dies. Our very consciousness is a type of energy.
    Energy can not be created or destroyed, only transfered. (Albert Einstein)
    I am a huge fan of the string theory.
    It connects to one of my favorite quotes.
    “Emotion is the true language of God and all of life”
    Scientific evidence concludes that Negative emotions hurt our physical health, and shorten our life span.
    This means that positive emotions do the opposite.
    Dr. Emoto’s research shows this as well.
    Research that music has an effect on plant growth, also connects to both, Dr Emoto’s Research, and Mr. Kaku’s string theory as well as research on many things.
    There is no real death. The truth about what we realy are will show that our consciousness is made of energy. This is easy to understand for a man with a brain as powerful as Mr. Kaku’s
    The only thing seperating Atheist and Spiritual Scientists right now is the following.
    Atheist “What created everything has no consciousness or intelligence”
    Spiritual “What created everything is considered a who, because it does have consciousness and intelligence”
    Personally it is very easy for me to see that we could not even have life, without it coming from something “living”
    We could not even have Consciousness, without it coming from something “conscious”
    Its hard for me to see why others to not recognize such patterns.
    I am a huge fan of Albert Einstein and Michio Kaku as well
    It seems that me and him share the same Hero as far as science goes. (Albert Einstein)
    People should truly look at how intelligent he is, and question, what does he see that we don’t?
    I know what it is ;D
    In any case, it is only a matter of time, before pure logic starts to kick in and the others realize these patterns of origin.
    The patterns of origin will not only find the origin of all religions (which were all split from an original)
    The patterns of origin will also give many answers to the connections between science and spirituality.
    “Sometimes, the smallest things are also the largest when they are connected as one”
    Feel free to add me on Facebook. I would enjoy such comments as these on my notes if you are interested.

  7. Matt says:

    I see the relieous texts as a guide of how to live, how to perceive the world. To respect and care for one another and to act for the greater good. If there is a god in the equation then let him/her, they judge me on my actions. Not my empty words.

  8. steve hand says:

    Ibelieve kaku does not have the guts to throw out the god word all together. He fears he will lose some of his popularity and media attention.

  9. Krysta says:

    I am a scientist. I prefer to use the word spirit, rather than God. God is used as an icon for “self worship” and is used in connotation for EGO. It has nothing to do with physics, thus, is very inconsistent. Spirit is more of a consistent word, rather than God.

    Kaku – you will always be a Japanese by heart, and you are another practitioner of Ki. However, you should embrace action of doing, and experiences, so it goes in-sync with your experimentation’s. That’s what I do =]


  10. chazzysaw says:

    I believe consciousness holds the key in all there is. Mr. Some guy name James is right on point, I agree consciousness is energetic power. I believe The Conscious Power is within and without all things. I am also a fan of Albert Einstein and his search on how God thinks and Mr. Michio Kaku and the string theory.

  11. In the Word what do you think God meant when he said a thousand years is as one day and day is as a thousand years?

  12. Rahul says:

    If you’re an intelligent person, you cannot deny the fact that there has to be a higher power behind the infinitely complex design of the universe and everything in it.

    Everything has been so precisely calculated and controlled….like the way proteins are formed and transported across a cell, charge on subatomic particles and design and replication of human DNA.

    Why is electron charge a fixed number? A majority of human DNA is just genetic “waste,” but why is it there? Keeps me wondering…


    There is large gap missing from the reason. Everything exit. I am very happy that Professor KAKU IS NOT LEAVING A STONE UNTURNED TO FIND THE CREATOR OR SYSTEM THAT CREATED THE UNIVERSE

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