Rand Paul Won’t Say How Old He Thinks Earth Is

This video of Rand Paul, Kentucky’s Republican U.S. Senate candidate, has been making the rounds online. It was taken earlier this month at a conference for Christian homeschoolers, where Paul was asked when he became a Christian (which he answers) and how old he thinks the earth is, to which he responds:

I’m gonna pass on the age of the earth. I think I’m just gonna have to pass on that one.

Why not answer? Apparently, Paul doesn’t think the question is relevant, later saying:

I’m not running for minister. I’m more than willing to stand up and say I’m a Christian, but I don’t think I have to go into every detail of what my religious beliefs are. If I were going to be the minister of their church, they’d have a right to ask me that.

But what Paul believes about the age of the earth is hardly a “detail.” For one thing, we know that how people answer that question is a “strong predictor” of what they think and know about evolution. And as Barbara Morrill of the Daily Kos points out:

The voters of Kentucky might want to know if Paul thinks that dinosaurs walked the earth with humans.

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  1. FRankF says:

    This is sad. Sad that Paul thinks he has to be afraid of what these voters will think if he answers the wrong way and sad that he may be right.

  2. BruceChris says:

    The easiest answer that seems to fit all of the known facts and (Christian) belief systems would be that sometime over 5,000 years ago, God INSTANTLY created an entire universe that was ALREADY 14 Billion years old.

    Has Mr. Paul considered selling life insurance for a living?

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