More on the Plans for an Observatory on Mauna Kea

From Salman Hameed of Irtiqa:

This is an update of the controversy over the presence of observatories on top of Mauna Kea in Hawaii. Yesterday, the University of Hawaii Board of Regents unanimously approved the plans for the construction of the Thirty Meter Telescope, one of the largest planned telescopes for the next decade (it is expected to be operational by 2018). Some of the native Hawaiian and environmentalist groups are unhappy about it and still plan to challenge the approval in the courts. The TMT will now apply for a permit from the state; however, it is looking more and more likely that the TMT will indeed be located on Mauna Kea.
As an astronomer myself, I’m happy to see that this time astronomers have been more sensitive to the local concerns over Mauna Kea, and I really hope that relations improve between scientists and those opposing the new telescope. Perhaps the key is for us to recognize that there is a real loss of a sacred space for some native Hawaiians and be mindful of the fact even when in disagreement about the future telescope.
If you want to hear from the locals on both sides of the debate, here is a letter to the editor (on behalf of the Sierra Club?) in West Hawaii Today against the proposed telescope, and here is a letter in response in the same newspaper (also see this blog post). As you can see, this is a complicated issue with religion, politics, environmental concerns, economics, and U.S. history in Hawaii all mixed in together. While this case is different from the run-of-the-mill science and religion issues (such as evolution), it is still in the domain of science and religion. Instead of epistemology, the debate here is over identity. Tracy Leavelle of Creighton University and I are close to finishing a paper on the topic, and I hope to provide you with an update on it soon.

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  1. kamanakapu says:

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    In time, the white man went on to pollute all of the water resources throught the entire continent.

    Now the white man wants to build his phony telescope up on our mountain. Here we have another example of the white mans arrogant and intransigent attitude towards we natives of hawaii. What have you whites ever done for us? You’ve stolen our government, our independence, our sovereingty, our lan, and now you’ve stolen
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  2. bbay says:

    One Human Race…
    We have lost over 5 centuries of Technology in primacy & now is the time to work through differences; because just as no one civilization has all of the answers…A combined effort is formative, healing, and the only way to move forward…

    If one does not like where they are going, they will not like where they have been…

    -God Bless.

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