“You’re Not Helping” Blogger Admits Deception

A few days ago, a couple people cautioned us about the blog You’re Not Helping and they were right. (We were new to the blog and linked to a snippet there we found interesting.) The blog has since been deleted and is no longer available after its author (who pretended to be multiple bloggers and commenters) was outed and issued a confession, which the blog The Buddha Is Not Serious has posted. It reads, in part:

We are not a ‘we.’ We is I. My name is William (friends call me Will—and no, you’re not getting a last name. I’m not becoming another Andrew Rosenberg beyond what I already have), and I will be an upcoming (summer) graduate with a B.A. degree from UA (the Univ. of AL). Greg has at least correctly honed in on my location, which again I was fine with until he started randomly choosing people from the university webpage to accuse in the hopes of dragging me out. I’m really an atheist, I’m 23, and I’m from a small suburb located just to the west of Atlanta, GA, to which I will return to hopefully start a career following classes next month. I’m not from the midwest or northeast as I have claimed here and in comments.

As for sock puppetry: yes, I am responsible for several of the commenters (sock puppets) on this blog, namely “Patricia,” “Polly-O!,” and “Brandon” … . I’m not going to try and rationalize my actions or what I’ve done here, but I will say that outside of the dishonesty in commenting, I stand by the convictions made in my posts. I grew up an atheist in an atheist family, which is something of a badge of honor here in the south, and I’m distressed by the disregard for reason I see in many of the people in the blogosphere who claim to be representing reason but instead don’t reflect it at all. I didn’t weather a childhood of being marginalized by those with faith just to be marginalized by those who I share nonbelief with just because I don’t want to act and talk like them when dealing with believers. I’ve grown tired of being called a “traitor,” an “appeaser,” a waste and a fraud all because I don’t want to yell at people with all the hate I can.

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