June 28, 2010

Can Multicultural Experiences Increase Your Creativity?
Living in another culture and learning the practices of that culture may enhance the psychological processes that make people more creative. (Art Markman, Ulterior Motives, Psychology Today)

Solving Problems While Sleeping
One purpose for dreaming itself may be to help us find solutions to puzzles that plague us during waking hours. (Rachael Rettner, LiveScience)

“Hobbits” Weren’t Humans With the Disease Cretinism
“I have put that claim to rest,” says Colin Groves of the Australian National University in Canberra. (New Scientist)

New Philosophy App
Alexander George, a professor of philosophy at Amherst College, describes the AskPhil app in an Amherst press release: “When philosophical questions occur to people away from their desks or computer screens they’ll now have the opportunity through their mobile devices to see quickly whether other people have already asked that question and whether it’s received interesting responses.” (Natasha Lennard, Opinionator Blog, The New York Times)

Scientists and the Public
What science says is important, but in controversial areas, it’s only the beginning. It’s critical that experts and policy makers better understand what motivates public concern in the first place; and in this, they mustn’t be deceived by the fact that people often appear, on the surface, to be arguing about scientific facts. Frequently, their underlying rationale is very different. (Chris Mooney, The Washington Post)

More on What Scientists Think About Religion
If people of faith believe they have to become antireligious or completely secular to be a successful scientist—when this is not a full reflection of the scientific community—it would be a disaster. (Elaine Howard Ecklund, The Huffington Post)

Malaysia’s Religion-Based Reality Show
The producers of Imam Muda say they want to find a leader for these times, a pious but progressive Muslim who can prove that religion remains relevant to Malaysian youths despite the influence of Western pop culture. (Sean Yoong, Associated Press)

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