Why the World Science Festival Has an S&R Panel

“The bottom line is that we’re resolute in our belief that an honest discussion about faith and science is an important one, and that it should take place in an open, editorially independent manner. And where else to have such a conversation than at a function dedicated to the celebration of rationality and the power of science? We recognize and respect that there are differing views on this. And for that reason, we will continue to invite thinkers from all points of the spectrum—even those who disagree that the conversation should happen in the first place,” says Greg Boustead, the festival‘s editorial producer.
“As for this year’s Faith and Science panel—featuring Francisco Ayala, Paul Davies, Elaine Pagels, and Thupten Jinpa—see Kristopher Hite’s comprehensive coverage of the discussion on his blog, Tom Paine’s Ghost. Kristopher Hite is a biochemistry Ph.D. candidate from Colorado State University who volunteered at this year’s Festival and was on the scene to cover Faith and Science at his own request.”

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  1. Jessica Anderson says:

    I think it has more to do with Templeton wanting it there.

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