Stephen Hawking Says Science Will Beat Religion

“There is a fundamental difference between religion, which is based on authority, [and] science, which is based on observation and reason. Science will win because it works,” Stephen Hawking tells Diane Sawyer in an interview to air tonight on ABC’s World News.

He also tells her that:

What could define God [is thinking of God] as the embodiment of the laws of nature. However, this is not what most people would think of that God. They made a human-like being with whom one can have a personal relationship. When you look at the vast size of the universe and how insignificant an accidental human life is in it, that seems most impossible.

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  1. jrad334 says:

    and another thing to add to my recent comment; science does not create happiness nor does it give happiness it has only made people desperate; nuclear bombs didnt solve anything; guns definetly not; why would you start something (science) that is going to eat away at us eventually; science will be our undoing if we take it too far

  2. jrad334 says:

    and another thing to add to my recent comment; science does not create happiness nor does it give happiness it has only made people more desperate; nuclear bombs didnt solve anything; why would you start something (science) that is going to eat away at us eventually; science will be our undoing if we take it too far

  3. John Wylie says:

    Hawkings is a physicist dealing with basic Laws of Nature. He doesn’t understand that in biology, let alone the human mind, things get a lot more complicated. My blog is dedicated to demonstrating how God is part of nature.

  4. BraggerBubble58 says:

    Thats stupid, science has let us (the human race) advance in technology more than we have since the earliest recorded civilization and all because of science, religion could not have created the internal combustion engine or the LCD TV, if not for science we would still be living our lives based on the commandments (no proof of them) given by a man in the sky, science will never be our undoing, only our salvation

  5. Paper says:

    Science has been persecuted countless of times by oppressive religious regimes in the past (Plato, Copernicus, Newton, Darwin, Einstein). How can we greater our understanding of things if we are restraint by religious belief created by our ancient ancestors who did not have the technology we possess today? Do we not have the freedom to study and learn what we know not of?

  6. MegoBo says:

    Religion has proven to be the fuel. People want to to and be better, so they research and learn and are given the answers. It is not science proves God is not there. It is simply God proving science was his natural way of letting us find our way through the changing times and as always back to him.

  7. BBKIV says:

    I am sorry, religion has not done anything to advance human beings as a species. The reason why our lives can be in comfort and allow us to experience so many different things in the world is because of science. The car you drive, the heated place you live, planes to fly and all the things that make life easier to enjoy. Science has been attacked for at least a 1000 years and it continues today. I believe science, not religion will be our salvation.

  8. Religion and Science says:

    Science is only 1 branch of a Religion tree .
    Science is one of various ways to find out the universe and other phenomena and lead to Technology to invent things for life .
    Even a super-top scientist is only a top of 1 branch of a giant tree of Wisdom .
    So what are you proud of Science and Technology ?
    Hydrogen bombs , Star War weapons , Super sonic computers etc….
    one way they are serving us , the other way they will destroy the Mankind if they are not under controlled .
    Once they are riskily used , all of us will be back to the Pre -history time
    and what will help us to build from the beginning – if not Religion ?

  9. Facepalm says:

    Religion is the single most destructive force to human reason. Spirituality and the beliefs of many religions are excellent. Unfortunately, the people I know who act the least “Godly” are often the ones who will force their beliefs down your throat. We need to stop focusing on the divisive aspects of humanity, and focus on the fact that if we don’t get our act together as a SPECIES, we’ll implode.

  10. John Michael Ricci says:

    These statements/arguments are so silly. The only thing anyone with common sense can believe is that we, as human beings, will never have factual answers to these kinds of theories and beliefs. The Big Bang theory, the idea that at some point billions of years ago, the entire universe formed from one tiny little spot – and is now expanding – has absolutely no scientific ground. No scientist has the answer to what the universe is expanding INTO! What, non-universe? As far as we know, the universe is infinite, time is infinite… and these very thoughts (that this is even possible) is beyond our understanding. And if either is finite, this too is incomprehensible!
    The bottom line: religion and science can, and do, co-exist. We, individually, can choose to believe anything we wish. I’m a scientist myself, a biochemist, and I believe in God and science. The only thing that bothers me about any of this is someone else trying to impose their beliefs on another. Live and let live!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Scientists do not know everything but we know enough to justify that an omnipotent being in the form of our species is an unlikely scenario.

    Many of you have said that science is responsible for the most potent weapons in history. The nuclear weapon devised in new mexico during world war II was created to end the war. A war which just so happens to have begun through religious tension.

    My main point is to mind yourselves in these delicate matters or destruction of the innocent will surely follow else we escape these intolerances and ancient thinking so to further mankind.

    btw how many of you deliberately searched this to spite modern thinkers?

  12. Jerry says:

    Mr. Hawking Life is not accidental, your life is not an accident.God is mindful of you and me.One day science will catch up to that.


  13. Raghavendra says:

    I do not agree that science alone will win. Religion is to be experienced and not experimented like science.One has to have patience and practice to experiences of Religion.

  14. rick says:

    I cant believe people still believe in god lmfao let me guess you still believe in the tooth fairy and santa claus as well. This supposed god gives us nothing but yet people still pray to him everyday, science has given us everything and will continue to further the well being of the human race, don’t even say god gave us life or created us cuz no one can prove it, but I wouldn’t be surprised if one day science lets us know exactly wear we came from. I wish I could be alive the day we meet other intelligent life because thats the day religion completely falls apart and anyone naive enough in this day and age that thinks were alone in the entire universe is a moron plain and simple.

  15. Greg says:

    Its not complicated guys.
    Science can be proven.
    A god cant.
    End of discussion, thank you & good night.

  16. Logicalthinking01 says:


    You do understand that a majority of violence, wars, and conflicts are based on religion right?

    Also, as science has “caused” violence it has also saved millions of lives.

  17. Huseyn Qurbanov says:

    Logically complete cosmological concept. /due to lack of knowledge of the English language was not able to correct the translation Implemented by Google/

    In order to present the unlimited space originally:
    1. homogeneous – enough to postulate the presence in it of two elements with Simple and Complex /closed systematically/
    2. heterogeneous – enough to postulate the presence in it of one more element – the Most High and Almighty God – with open systematically.
    It is easy to assume that even at the lowest possible deployment of the intangible component of the essence of God – the Spirit of God – for the level of the original downwardly directed the permanent deployment of the material component of the essence of God, there is a curtailment of Simple and Complex /i.e.. It is their decay due to blocking of origin upwardly directed constantly deploy intangible components of the entity / as much as possible heterogeneous to God’s essence minimum possible number of cell uniformity (1H), and God on the basis of the material components of the 1H deploys the minimum possible heterogeneous to its essence as possible numerically elemental homogeneity (2H). Coagulation process will begin in 2H known God start time since the completion of its deployment. curtailment of the Spirit of God to the level of initial deployment again unfolds 1H – God potential for transformation 1H into 2H and 1H into 2H limitless!

  18. Alex H says:

    There is no PHYSICAL proof that there is a God. There is no PHYSICAL proof that the Bibles words came from him. What if all christians were all tricked by a very old joke made long ago?…. And if you look at other believes, you can see that they dont pray or worship god, but they live perfect lives, so?

  19. Huseyn Qurbanov says:

    Cosmological concept which is complete from logical point of view

    Initial composition of boundless space from the point of view of element:

    1.It is suffucient to declare existence of two elements, SIMPLE and COMPLEX, possesing closed systemic appearance in order to imagine different (homogenous) and completed one.
    2.It is sufficient to declare existence of Lord and Almighty in other element, possesing non-closed systematic appearance in order to imagine it as different and incomplete as heterogenous (in other words: various type).

    It is not difficult to presume that simple and complex compression is happened in possible minimal widening from permanent widening level, first, inclination to descending, from material component of God from non-material component of Divine Spirit/separation happened as maximum possible diversity (1H) on essence of God on minimum possible numeric homogeneity regarding with blockage of start of non-material components, permanently widening, inclined to their increase of essence/God widens minimal possible homogeneity as maximum possible numeric diversity (2H) to His essence on the basis of 1H material components. Closing process starts only from time, known to God, starting from completion of 2 H opening process. Closing process reopens according to initial opening level of Divine Spirit 1H-1H process of God to 2H process and conversion possibilities of 2H process to 1 H process!

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