Neural Lie Detection in the Courtroom

From Thomas Nadelhoffer of The Law and Neuroscience Blog:

I have posted several things as of late (see here and here) about the two recent high-profile court cases involving the admissibility of neural lie detection. The case that has garnered the most attention is United States v. Semrau. The U.S. magistrate released his recommendation yesterday. In short, neural lie detection was deemed to be inadmissible. During the hearings, Marc Raichle and Peter Imrey of the Law and Neuroscience Project testified against Cephos fMRI lie detection. The court relied heavily on their testimony.
The complete recommendation can be found in this attachment.

P.S. Here is a snippet of Judge Tu Pham’s opinion:

No doubt in part because of its recent development, fMRI-based lie detection has not yet been accepted by the scientific community. As noted above, experts in the field are of the opinion that fMRI “is currently not ready to be used in real-world lie detection.”

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