May 19, 2010

Women Find Handsome Men Forgettable
Douglas Kenrick: Despite the substantial amount of visual attention that women bestow on handsome men, the women are unable to distinguish the handsome guys they saw from those they’d never seen. (Sex, Murder, and the Meaning of Life, Psychology Today)

Do Men and Women Have Different Moral Outlooks?
Jesse Prinz: By the late 1980s, the evidence for gender differences in morality was regarded as weak, but now the tide is changing. A number of intriguing findings have been reported in the literature. (Experiments in Philosophy, Psychology Today)

Denialism Package
What is denial? What attracts people to it? How does it start, and how does it spread? And finally, how should we respond to it? (New Scientist)

• The Difference Between a Skeptic and a Denier
• Why Do Sensible People Reject Science?
• Manufacturing Doubt
• Spreading Lies
• Does the “Denier” Label Shut Down Debate?
• Letting Deniers Be Heard—Then Fighting Back

Why Do Modern Conditions Produce Atheism?
Nigel Barber: The reasons that churches lose ground in developed countries can be summarized in market terms. (The Human Beast, Psychology Today)

Mark Souder Was Also a Creationist Activist
An interesting footnote to the Mark Souder scandal: He was also one of the main promoters of creationism (in its “intelligent design” disguise) on Capitol Hill. (Charles Johnson, The Lizard Annex, True/Slant)

New Science Textbooks for Texas on Hold
Students will have to hang on to old science books for a year or two longer because of the state’s budget crunch. (Terrence Stutz, The Dallas Morning News)


The Stick Men’s trippy debut album opens with the title track, a King Crimson-like number about supercolliders. “What makes people want to write another love song?” asks Tony Levin. “I am passionate about supercolliders. I’m a fan of science, and many of my previous songs are about science or the collision between science and religion.” (Jeff Niesel, Cleveland Scene)

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