May 17, 2010

Robot Weds Couple in Tokyo
I-Fairy wore a wreath of flowers and directed a rooftop ceremony. Wires led out from beneath it to a black curtain a few feet away, where a man crouched and clicked commands into a computer. (Associated Press)

Happiness Is …
This weekend, the Dalai Lama marked the opening of the Center for Investigating Healthy Minds at the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Waisman Center, where more than a dozen researchers will study the science behind positive qualities of mind. (Ryan Foley, Associated Press)

Studying the Psychology of Genocide
Scholars still ask: What ultimately leads one group of humans to so thoroughly and so brutally annihilate another group of humans? And what are the consequences for the survivors—not only for the generation that experienced genocide, but for their descendants? (Bob Salsberg, Associated Press)

Some Muslim Americans Think Imams Are Out of Touch
They would like imams, who tend to be older, male, and “imported,” to be able to connect with a generation of Muslims raised in America. They also want mosques, which have the potential to develop leadership and community-building skills among young Muslims, to make youth outreach a priority. (Farah Akbar,

Goodbye, Law & Order
The series reminded us that sometimes, what is awful is better than the existing options—and sometimes worse. That much of what we live with—and against—is moral ambiguity rather than certainty. That who “we” are is all too often up for grabs, contested, and nasty. That occasionally people act from principle and that the self-righteous are not always the righteous. (Religion Dispatches)


Who doesn’t want to know how to make a successful change? Chip Heath and Dan Heath have hit on a universal quest in their latest book, Switch: How to Change Things When Change Is Hard. (Kerry Hannon, USA Today)

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