Maine Candidates for Governor Asked About ID

During a debate last night in Maine, the seven Republican gubernatorial candidates were asked if creationism or “intelligent design” should be taught alongside evolution in public schools. Three of them (Paul LePage, Bill Beardsley, and Bruce Poliquin) said yes. Three (Peter Mills, Steve Abbott, and Les Otten) said no. And Matt Jacobson said, “Teach evolution in philosophy, and teach science in science.” Did he misspeak?

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  1. RickK says:

    The current anti-intellectual, intentionally ignorant crop of Republicans will go down in the history books as an aberrant joke, if they make it into the history books at all. The Earth is round, gravity attracts, and species evolve. All have equal proof. To deny any of these is to declare your utter foolish ignorance.

  2. I’m going to assume he misspoke, only because I have never heard anybody say it that way.

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