April 19, 2010

Case of Discrimination
In a case that pits nondiscrimination policies against freedom of religion, the Supreme Court is grappling with whether universities and colleges can deny official recognition to Christian student groups that refuse to let non-Christians and gays join. (Jesse Holland, Associated Press)

Typing Lies
Daniel Hawes: Possibly more impressive than just the isolated finding that people lie more willingly in an online format is the additional finding that emailing also makes people feel more justified in telling lies. (Evolved Primate, Psychology Today)

Speed Dating (and Judgments)
Typically, participants meet anywhere between 15 and 35 people in a night. And scientists found that when there were more people to choose from, it was more likely that men and women would make judgments about whether to see that person again based on appearance. (Patti Neighmond, NPR)

Is God a Mathematician?
Herman Wouk: Richard Feynman walked out of the building with me, and said as we were parting: “Do you know calculus?” I admitted that I didn’t. “You had better learn it,” he said. “It’s the language God talks.” (CultureLab, New Scientist)

Two Catholic Churches
When you read about the scandals, remember that the Vatican is not the same as the Catholic Church. Ordinary lepers, prostitutes, and slum-dwellers may never see a cardinal, but they daily encounter a truly noble Catholic Church in the form of priests, nuns, and lay workers toiling to make a difference. (Nicholas Kristof, The New York Times)

The Selfish Society

Sue Gerhardt advocates a cultural shift away from the capitalist credo of self-sufficiency to an “ethics of care,” based on a “developmental view of morality.” (David Evans, Financial Times)

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