April 15, 2010

Vast Majority of People in Sub-Saharan Africa Are Christian or Muslim
At least three out of 10 people across much of Africa said they have experienced divine healing, seen the devil being driven out of a person, or received a direct revelation from God, according to the study by the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life. “In many countries across the continent, roughly nine in 10 people say religion is very important in their lives,” the study found. That puts even the least religious countries in the region ahead of the United States. (Richard Allen Greene, CNN)

Women Are Blinded by Jealousy
Catching a partner checking out a hot guy or gal can do a number on even the most confident person. New research suggests the resulting jealousy can actually impair vision. (Jeanna Bryner, LiveScience)

The Humanist’s Unjust Universe
David Flint: People may want stories that show that the universe is just. But the headlines show plainly that it routinely rewards the wicked and punishes the virtuous. Humanists recognize this with sadness; they do not pretend that it’s untrue. (The Guardian)

“South Park” Creators Bringing “The Book of Mormon” to Broadway
A long-gestating musical from the South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone, and Robert Lopez, a co-creator of Avenue Q, is bound for the Great White Way in March 2011. (Dave Itzkoff, ArtsBeat, The New York Times)

Problems With a California City’s Prayer Vote
A controversial measure calling on Lancaster residents to allow the City Council to continue beginning its meetings with heads bowed passed by a vote of more than 3 to 1 in the municipal election. The issue seems far from resolved, however. (John Rogers, Associated Press)

Assemblies of God Leader Wants His Name Off Jim Wallis’ “Covenant for Civility”
The top leader of the Assemblies of God wants his name removed from a civility statement signed by religious leaders after learning that its signatories included nonevangelicals. (Adelle Banks, Religion News Service)

The Rev. Joel Hunter

The Rev. Joel Hunter’s Florida megachurch will hold what organizers bill as the largest ever faith-based gathering to celebrate Earth Day. (Amy Green, Religion News Service)

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