April 14, 2010

You Swear?
Have people’s attitudes changed toward what’s considered socially acceptable language? Have public forums on the Web worsened this reflex, since people whose identities are shielded can use words they might not have said out loud? (Room for Debate, The New York Times)

It Helps to Remember What Makes Us Sad
The explanation may be that it is the ability to store and reflect on emotional events that will “relieve some or most of the sad feelings,” according to Todd Sacktor at Downstate Medical Center in New York City. (Jessica Hamzelou, New Scientist)

Should a Protestant Replace Justice Stevens?
Should religious affiliation and religious balance on the court be factors at all as a president chooses a Supreme Court nominee? (Texas Faith, The Dallas Morning News)

The Dangers of Denialism
Michael Specter: Denialists replace the open-minded skepticism of science with the inflexible certainty of ideological commitment. It isn’t hard to find evidence: the ruinous attempts to wish away the human impact on climate change, for example. The signature denialists of our time, of course, are those who refuse to acknowledge the indisputable facts of evolution. (CNN)

Judge Rules Catholic Dad Can Take His Daughter to Mass Despite the Objections of Her Jewish Mom
For months now, the two have been locked in a battle over the child’s religious upbringing. (Lisa Donovan, Chicago Sun-Times)

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