Why Do So Many Americans Reject Evolution?

Possibly because they still live in a largely rural country, Harvard University primatologist Richard Wrangham tells BigThink—and in more rural places, we see a greater importance on religious belief systems.

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  1. Mat says:

    This is the same argument used 100 years ago and it falls flat today. Much of the religious growth occurring today is in cities, especially among immigrant groups. Religious belief is rising with increased urbanization, not declining. Religious people deny evolution because of “evolutionism” — the “survival of the fittest” not merely as biological but as social policy. The challenge for scientists is to take away the atheist ideology away from the theory of evolution. The challenge for religious people is to accept science much in the same way as Thomas Aquinas and Jonathan Edwards did in their time. Robust religion and robust science need to complement (not displace) each other.

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