Would Intelligent Aliens Undermine God?

From Robert Lawrence Kuhn, host and creator of Closer To Truth:

Are we alone in the universe? Or, given the vast numbers of stars and planets, is the universe teeming with intelligent life? The search is intensifying, and what if that electrifying first contact comes? How would it impact human society? How would it affect religion?
I’d like to believe in a creator God. Would such a God have made the universe to bring forth innumerable species of intelligent life? Or would such a God have made human beings, on this ordinary planet circling an ordinary star in an ordinary galaxy, to be so absolutely and utterly unique? Some religions teach that what God does right here is supremely and stunningly special. Christianity cannot duck this question: Would intelligent aliens undermine God?
NASA chief historian Steven Dick questions the consistency of the Christian salvation plan if there are sentient beings on other planets. The salvation of humans on Earth depends, according to traditional doctrine, on Jesus’ death and resurrection, but what about those beings on other planets? Does his death on earth save them?
“If the answer is ‘No,’” says Dick, “then you have a scenario of a planet-hopping savior, which was not kindly looked upon by, say, theologians in the Middle Ages.”
Dick’s solution is a radical rethinking of what is meant by “theology.” He argues for what he calls a “cosmo-theology,” meaning “we need to take into account what we know about the universe, including whether or not there are extraterrestrials.” This includes the fact that “physically, the earth is not at the center of the universe” and the likely fact that, in Dick’s opinion, “biologically, human beings are not at the center of the universe either.” He suggests that there are other, far more advanced intelligent life forms. “We are most likely not at the top of the great chain of beings,” he says.
Dick’s cosmo-theology, which would be energized by extraterrestrial, or ET, intelligences, is hardly “theology” in any traditional sense. God is nowhere to be found. Nor are humans very much important. I’d be thrilled to know such “new truth,” though deeply disappointed, I’d admit, that God were no more.
Physicist Russell Stannard’s belief in the Christian God would not at all be shaken by the discovery of ET intelligence. “There must be teeming numbers of earthlike planets out there capable of supporting life,” he says, “and it’s almost axiomatic that ET is out there, a whole variety of different kinds of ETs.” As for their relationship to God, Stannard calls it “a very fascinating thought,” saying, “If I were to meet ET, my first question would be, ‘What’s your take on God?’”
Stannard raises the next questions: “How would Jesus relate to them? The Christian belief is that the Eternal Son of God took on human form as Jesus for us. So does the same Eternal Son of God then take on the form of ETs to act as their savior? Do ETs even require a savior?”
Stannard says he has no objection to the “planet-hopping savior” spending his time on millions of planets, living and dying, going through the same process over and over and over again, even though some people don’t like it and it seems to subject the Christian story to a kind of mocking. “If we’re happy to go hopping around to different countries,” he laughs, “I don’t see any problem for the Eternal Son of God to go to different planets.”
He continues: “Assuming there are ETs more intelligent or advanced than humans, I think the more interesting question is: Does God value them more than God does us? ET might look down on us as being rather primitive just as we look down on apes as rather primitive, and slugs as even more primitive. So does God pay more attention to them than God does to us?”
Stannard stresses, however, that just because a person is highly intelligent does not mean that he or she is highly spiritual. “One knows of very intelligent people who are spiritual pygmies, and of people with low IQs who have deep spiritual lives,” he says. “The true measure of spirituality is how close you are to God, how real is your relationship with God. And God is the only judge of that.”
Stannard’s firm belief in God embraces, not fears, ET intelligences. He would welcome ETs, seeing in them novel vistas for apprehending God. I respect Stannard’s conviction, but recognize that scientists who are firm adherents to particular religions have biases.
Cosmologist Paul Davies offers the controversial idea that the universe must be “about” something. Could a cosmos filled with ET intelligences be what the universe is “about”?
“Four hundred years ago, Bruno was burnt at the stake for espousing the idea that there’s a plurality of inhabited worlds,” Davies says. “The church thought this was a very dangerous doctrine, and I think the church got it exactly wrong. … If the emergence of life and mind are part of the great outworking of the laws of the universe, then we would expect to find that life is widespread. Life would not be just some sort of irrelevant, meaningless, side issue, but integral to the whole great cosmos.”
He adds, “One of the things that I have found rather surprising and a bit depressing is that theologians have given very little thought to this extraterrestrial dimension. They don’t want to think about it; it makes them uncomfortable.”
To Davies, ET intelligence is central to his vision of a universe in which life and mind are a meaningful part. And such expanding conscious awareness, by sentient life colonizing the universe, may be in some way responsible for having brought our kind of life-generating universe into existence in the first place.
Davies recognizes that he is in essence proposing a kind of retroactive, backward causation mechanism in which the development of consciousness billions of years after the origin of the universe somehow “causes” just the right kinds of original laws of the universe that seem fine-tuned for life. As for the charge that such a backward-causing hypothesis is “absurd,” Davies counters by asserting that all ultimate explanations are absurd. As for Western religions, Davies suspects that ETs would undermine them all.
Robin Collins, a young Christian philosopher, disagrees. A leader among modern theists in trying to discern God’s design, he is ready to embed ETs. “My theism itself inclines me to think, though I can’t be sure, that we humans are not alone,” he says. “God is infinitely creative, and if God wants embodied, intelligent life like us, then even more such beings would even be better.”
Would those ETs have to follow the same salvation process that Christians have followed on this planet? “Maybe, maybe not,” Collins responds. “If they were ‘fallen,’ if they had by free choice turned away from God, then a Christian would probably want to say that there would be some kind of similar salvation scheme for them. … Probably you’d want to say there’d be multiple incarnations.”
As to the semi-mocking charge that a planet-hopping savior would be “rather busy,” Collins gives a serious analysis. “Well, that depends on how one conceptualizes the doctrine of the incarnation,” he says.
“There are two major views in philosophical theology. The first is ‘kenosis,’ which is the idea that the second person in the trinity emptied himself of his divine attributes and became a human being. Under this view, God the Son would indeed be very busy going from our civilization to the Clingons to the Romulins to where have you. But under another view, often called the ‘two minds view,’ what God the Son does is take on a human consciousness and a human body as part of his own God-consciousness, where he still has this overarching consciousness of God the Son.”
“Multiple personalities,” I ask helpfully?
“It’s multiple personality by choice,” Collins stresses—adding that, in any event, “even an infinite number of salvation processes would not in any way exhaust the divine being. … It just seems hard for me to conceive of an infinitely creative God just doing it once.” ETs don’t threaten Collins’ belief. Indeed, he welcomes ET intelligences as evidence of the infinite God, though his position contradicts historical church doctrine that asserted human beings are unique creations of God.
How might salvation work on innumerable worlds? One planet-hopping savior, dying and rising innumerable times? Or innumerable saviors, incarnating the same spirit of the same God? Both seem, well, a little bit odd. But there’s lots of “odd” in existence—including us. I should visit scientists who are actually searching for ETs.
Astronomer Jill Tarter, director of the Center for SETI Research, personifies the search for ET intelligence. Does she think the discovery of intelligent alien life would undermine God?
“I see that question as nonsense,” Tarter says. “If God exists and extraterrestrials exist, God was responsible for them, so how can their existence undermine God? If God doesn’t exist, there’s still the question of whether extraterrestrials exist or not? It’s an open question to be asked of the universe and hopefully answered with experimental methods.”
Psychologist Doug Vakoch, Tarter’s colleague who focuses on the potential cultural impact of ETs, disagrees. “I think it would be a real question for some,” he says. “Some Christians believe that Christ came only to Earth and that salvation applies only to human beings. Others, even Bible literalists, argue that if in fact there is intelligent life beyond Earth, that would do nothing to change the special relationship between God and humankind in the same way that if a young couple decides to have a second child, it does nothing to change their special relationship with their first child. It’s important not to conflate the notion of human specialness with a sense that there are no other civilizations out there.”
Tarter comments, “This whole idea that any particular discovery might undermine organized religion is proved wrong by centuries of counterexamples. Organized religion is extraordinarily flexible and has been able to adjust itself to accommodate different cosmologies, different knowledge. I would be surprised if most organized religions would not be able to embrace other intelligent civilizations in the universe.”
And Vakoch adds, “The real challenge as we try to anticipate the nature of extraterrestrials is: How do we avoid transposing our way of conceptualizing ourselves, our relationships with one another, our religious concerns, onto other being? … The real challenge is for us to be open to extraterrestrials being very different than we are. Some say that if extraterrestrials have a religion of their own and if they’re much more advanced than we are, it would be very difficult to resist their religion. I don’t buy it. Our religions serve human needs. And for some people, there’s no need for religion.”
After listening to all opinions, what do I think? First, whether ET intelligences exist has profound implications. There is an ultimate answer—either we are alone or we are not alone—but theists and atheists will each mold that ultimate answer to fit their opposing worldviews.
If we are alone, theists will stress human uniqueness, a special creation, while atheists will mock “God” for making so barren a universe.
It we are not alone, theists will praise God for creating so bountiful a universe, while atheists will ridicule human uniqueness as archaic self-deception.
If ETs exist, Christianity does have special issues, primarily the process of salvation. Did Jesus’ claimed death and resurrection on earth suffice for all beings on all worlds for all time? Many ET civilizations must predate humanity.
Maybe there’s another way to salvation? Christians wouldn’t like that.
Or maybe ETs gets no salvation. Hardly fair, don’t you think?
It would seem that there are six and only six possibilities for Christian salvation to work in the context of sentient life beyond Earth:

1) Jesus’ death and resurrection on Earth covers all beings on all worlds and at all times.

2) Jesus goes through a similar process of life, death, and resurrection on innumerable planets to save innumerable beings and creatures.

3) Human beings, as galactic missionaries, will ultimately colonize the universe and spread the Word of God to heathen ETs.

4) There are other mechanisms to attain salvation on other planets.

5) Salvation is not offered to other beings and creatures on other planets.

6) There are no other sentient beings on other planets anywhere; humans are utterly unique.

Given Christianity’s worldview, I don’t see any other alternatives. Judaism and Islam do not have the problem of the incarnation, but they do subscribe, at least traditionally, to the very special place of human beings on this particularly planet, and thus might be disturbed or at least disoriented by the discovery of ETs. Many Eastern religions, by not claiming a personal God, would not be so troubled.
Here’s my bottom line: Just asking the question, “Alone or not alone?” is closer to truth.

Robert Lawrence Kuhn speaks with Steven Dick, Russell Stannard, Paul Davies, Robin Collins, Jill Tarter, and Doug Vakoch in “Would Intelligent Aliens Undermine God?”—the seventh episode in the new season of the Closer To Truth: Cosmos, Consciousness, God TV series (46th in total).
The series airs on PBS World (often Thursdays, twice) and many other PBS and noncommercial stations. Every Thursday, participants will discuss the current episode.

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55 Responses

  1. Todd says:

    It is funny how man always tries to put aliens and religion side by side. Why should any beings from any other planet or any other galaxy..abide by “man made religions”?

    It is rather arrogant and closed minded for any to think such.

    The human species is in for a shock after so long of putting trust in religions, governments and sciences.

    The truth about ET and their “relationship” with us will be known as the largest and most damaging lie in the history of mankind as it will be revealed in our lifetime.

    We are not alone.

  2. John Chalmers says:

    I’d like to see some Islamic, Buddhist, Hindu and Judaic opinions on this topic. Most humans in fact are not Christians.

  3. Mel N says:

    You shall not break this circular reasoning with facts and logic! I really hope the first ETs we find have horns. I read a funny scifi story about that once.

  4. will says:

    I really think the whole 2012 thing is going to play a picture in this one. I am hoping its what the mayans were saying. That will be the day they come back and reveal to the world that we are not alone. I am really hoping they can give us a life strategy to live by that actually works. I would look forward to learning what they have to teach me. I just hope I don’t end up on a shishcabob stick.

  5. Mark says:

    There is no god, there never has been, and their never will be. Get over it. Alien civilizations are unlikely to bother contacting a species so backward that it still believes in gods.

  6. All good points. It is apparent that as science stretches the boundaries of knowledge, the church will have no choice but to continually adjust its position on past doctrines.


  7. Preston Page says:

    If god is real and aliens are real how can one undermine the other?

    Whatever the universe is like, if there is a god, then it is his/her/its universe and who are we to argue with that?

    The real question then is, how would the existence of aliens affect the human concepts of god.


  8. Its not only a factor of religion or ET but also time. Why i dont know the mayans put so called 2012 a dead point. And their king on his tomb it engravved as a pilot on spaceship and morover some puzzles or to be solved like historical egypt and mayan pyramids. And i saw in history channel about maps, technology and cultral advancement of acient humans. There are so many unsolved mysteries and i hope this 2012 factor might solve them. I dont think earth will end on that day but may return what the mayan and all our so called pre historic humans expected. Might be god? Might be aliens? but be truth. But i strongly can say something will happen on that day with knowingly or unknowingly and which can be identified later by so called archieological and scientific troops. I give Damn about gods but i have interest on knowing mysteries even i got disappointed or shattered by forces. I’m technical guy believes in matter but my brain always works beyond this to know more. Let us see what 2012 deciphers?…..and one more thing what creeps me..it go like following..2012(year)..last two digits 12(month)…its reverse 21 date..and mayan end of calendar and solar max and so..on..everything logically related to one date..So guys decipher it or wait and watch for that date…

  9. Mike says:

    I have come to believe that the development of religion is as much a part of our human evolution as is walking upright and being able to invent Hadron Colliders to produce micro singularities. In fact, I think having invented the divine, we have something higher than ourselves to aspire to, to explain that which we do not understand, provide us comfort, provide a means to control and keep a social order, and to give us justification for our actions. Do Aliens need a god too? Who knows. I think God is the product of our own mind – a simulacrum. We pray to God and if we are fortunate enough to get an answer, I think it is really the individual answering back – providing self guidance. We run a simulation in our minds – we act and feel all in responce to living that similuation as if it were real. I think, perhaps, religion may be a uniquely human aspect that other Aliens may not have any use for. But, it would be interesting if a group of aliens traveling across the Galaxy decide to stop by earth to spread the good news about Urlu the Merciful and bring with them their holy scriptures about universal love and the unity of the cosmos, just how some christians will react – I dare say, these Aliens better be on guard for the loving christians will feel the need to correct their hethen ways.

  10. Joe says:

    O that cunning plan of the evil one! O the vainness, and the frailties, and the foolishness of men! When they are learned they think they are wise, and they hearken not unto the counsel of God, for they set it aside, supposing they know of themselves, wherefore, their wisdom is foolishness and it profiteth them not. And they shall perish.

  11. Raimond says:

    Hello guys , sorry for bad english but my opinion is that there is no god. Aliens are “GOD” in most of ancient pictures , in bible too there is flying machines , “eye” of god , eye in triangle or something like that. I think that is UFO and the god’s are aliens who watch at us from high “sky”.
    If you read bible there will be some stories about those “eyes” about battles in sky and etc. Aliens is more realistic than GOD. I also think that there was Jesus , he was sent to earth as human and tell us what will be and etc. Just read bible , watch some vids about stories , or read.

  12. Michael says:

    I tend to agree with Mike in part that religion is part of our evolution as walking upright. But, I don’t necessarily think that God is simply a figment of our imaginations. However, I believe if we were to make contact with “alien beings” they would be at least somewhat religious. And probably like humans, they may have many different and conflicting religions. Why would they be religious? Because, when people come together in communities, there are usually universally accepted morals (do not kill, steal etc). Also consider that most human advancements early on were religious in nature. Contributions to art, math astronomy architecture, all these had religion as a central theme in ancient cultures. Without religion, much of this would never have happened. Also, any culture we make contact with will have its own history, myths, traditions, values, and may even regard certain dates on their calendar as “holy”. Moreover, assuming any life form we meet is mortal and part of a society with the ability to form relationships, our counterparts will live,die and inevitably grieve loss, all this is part of what makes a religion. Finally, I believe if we were to encounter ETs, they may be more likely to be polytheistic if anything because historically, most human cultures have been polytheistic.

  13. johny kakus says:

    I can absolutley sure theres no god in the universe, alien must not be knowing allah, jesus, or any such gods in hinduism..

  14. Mike says:

    The bible says that God made us in ‘his own image and likeness. So if aliens do not look like us, does it mean that they have a different God that looks like them?

  15. Jess says:

    Great article. My thoughts:

    Technically God (and I won’t be so arrogant and/or close-minded to state that he/she/it doesn’t exist) IS an extra-terrestrial by strict definition (which is: “originating, existing, or occurring outside the earth or its atmosphere”).

    Sure God would be an eternal, spiritual, omniscient, omnipotent, transcendant, infinite (and so on) extra-terrestrial, but technically one nonetheless. As for the “standard” ET’s mentioned in this article, I see no conflict with their existence and the existance of an eternal and supreme consciousness that transcends the universe. First Cause and Infinite Regress and all that jazz; it all still applies to aliens, no matter how ancient.

    As for Christianity, extra-terrestrials might not NEED salvation at all because God didn’t reveal Himself to them, or He did and they never turned their back on him. Either way, salvation wouldn’t be necessary and would apply to us and not them.

    And finally, I would just like to say that for some time now, the Vatican astronomers from the Vatican Observatory have stated that life on other planets does not conflict with belief in God whatsoever. So there you have it, right from the horse’s mouth.

  16. kibet korir says:

    There we go again Africans will be suprised that maybe they were not so wrong after all ; its all about civilistion, they dutifully left their traditional african religions in favour of their colonial masters, now they have to incoporate aliens into the picture, wel this is very intresting and scary now who is right is it the muslims the chrisians or the the scientists, well i think my grandfather Chemoiywo may have been right after all, he once remarked that Redds beer may be the only thing he appreciates in western civilisation.

  17. spleege says:


  18. Peter says:

    In my oppinion ETs wouldn’t deny the existence of a supreme being at all. You just have to see it from another point of view. I myself are an agnostic, i really don’t know if there is a supreme being in the role of an creator, but it surely could be. Since (according to credible leaked Reports) some of the known contactees are very simmilar in appearance to humans and you probably should think of them as a part of your own family, as a kind of sisters and brothers. they maybe come from other places, nevertheless doesn’t that mean they haven’t been created by the same entity. The thought, that the whole universe was just created for humans alone is highly ignorant and stupid. Today we’ve so much religions but nearly all of them lost the focus of what’s really important. Religion should not lead to hatred and conflicts, but to love and peace and the awareness that we all are human beings with the same origin and should respect each other with all the simmilarities and differences we have, as well as all life. As long as we aren’t able to understand the spiritual core in our religions and raise our consciousness towards a thinking of more tolerance we won’t respect each other, neither any ET coming here with good intentions.
    (sorry for my bad english, i normally don’t use it)

  19. Stan says:

    Oh, I rather think religions would find away around it somehow

  20. All The Worlds A Stage says:

    What are you talking about.. Intelligent HUMANS Undermine God.


    People who believe in “God” have been abused in the mind, and force fed delusions, and taught to hate and outcast anyone who believes the delusions to not be true.

    Truly sick little creatures.
    You should pity them.

  21. nestor says:

    will the true is that for so manny years people have been talking about ET,God only made Humans and Angels but some off this Angels decide to betray God and transforme into Demons.God had Michael and hes Angels to kick Satan and hes Demons out of Heaven to Earth.and the real deal is that Satan is a very smart intelligent Angel who is mad and angry about getting kick out of heaven that he is trying to bring us with hem to eternal death.Satan use alots of tools to bring humans as far away from God and some of thise tools are Eliens,movies and everything that get us away from God.Demons meaby are comming soon transforme into eliens to fool the world about theres no God we are God.people read the word of god or belive in notting.the bible is true just read it and compare it to the news and history.

  22. david owusu,ghana says:

    i believe there are ALIENS but on the contrary we will find them in their misery,more ancient than ourselves,we would have to help them with some antibiotics to treat thier skin diseases.

  23. david owusu,ghana says:

    i believe there are ALIENS but on the contrary we will find them in their misery more ancient than ourselves, we would have to help them with some antibiotics for their skin diseases

  24. V says:

    Maybe someone else has posted this idea but I think 6 is wrong.

    The fact is in Christian religion the reason humans need salvation is because we were introduced to sin, sin leads to death yada yada yada. But what you fail to mention is that all other Alien life might not have sinned and there for does not need salvation.

    One thing is for sure, I’m sure the truth is beyond anything our little minds can fathom.

  25. scott says:

    What about the theory of multiple universes? If their are other dimensions other realities is our God the God of those places or is our God the God of just this universe, one of billions of Gods in billions of universes

  26. Ensabi says:

    Science is everything, look if some-one told you that God create everything,like sky,water,air,so who create your phone? I never said God create that for me,cause I’ll said it’s Made in Taiwan.So Science is everything and I want to tell you all about (any time BC) around some place at Asian The Headhunter we known as Iban they tell me about half men half crocodile that were called “Byujang Seanang” and I think that man was Aliens…

  27. Regis says:

    God/ Aliens/ Man/ The real question is does either one really believe in the other one? Here we are worried about is there a god? Or are the gods aliens? Did our ancestors worship Gods or Aliens? Well I don’t think any answer we seek will truly be known to us until we learn how to live as a race of one and get along.I mean think about it.If you were a God or superior Alien race that had anything to do with our being here would you want to visit a bunch of selfish beings who don’t even like each other.What kind of welcome do they get to look forward to? We think we are superior to each other let alone constantly at war with ourselves.Would you visit your in-laws knowing they are in a major divorce custody battle?I mean come on they are not gonna visit us and teach us anything if we are just gonna start a fight with them later.They are there. They know we are here. They just don’t want to babysit without being paid.

  28. aussiekezz says:

    Are we as a race that egotistical that we assume we are the chosen ones for God.Everything in mother nature has a reason for being right down to an omeoba and up to an elephant. The bible says that we were created in gods image {ever heard someone say that their child is the image of their parent.Most religions if you read widely have a very similiar storyline Adam and eve the floods falling from grace the crusifiction and so on, with this being 2012 and god saying he will return {funny that it is the year of the mayan calendars end}also the year that nubira is supposed to come around again.Six thousand years?If god is an alien being he will be coming this year also . We are all gods children but what about DNA why is it different. God said you must not worship any other god but him. Does this mean he acknowledges other gods .What would our civilisation do if he does return and try to put us on the right path again.Try to execute him as well.I dont think so considering he parted the ocean.

  29. mnm1976 says:

    As per Hinduism, it all started with total emptiness and a supreme consciousness/GOD. Since there was total emptiness so HE decided to start the universe and so HE changed himself into trinity GOD (CREATOR, PRESERVER, DISTROYER). The CREATOR started with creating galaxies, stars, planets and cosmos. But this didn’t helped as everything was perfect, balanced and predefined. The universe could not function if all is balanced so the CREATOR created a DEMI-GODS/ANGELS (Good) and DEMONS (Bad/Evil). Both were equally powerful at the beginning but they were completely opposite. They both worshipped the trinity mainly CREATOR and DISTROYER. As DEMONS always misused their power so the PRESERVER used to take sides of DEMI-GODS to maintain balance and power. Then the CREATOR assigned roles to all DEMI-GODS to help start the human civilization. The trinity decided and set up the rules based on KARMA (spritual account of an individual) for all DEMI-GODS, DEMONS, HUMANS and all other creatures. These KARMA were directly applicable to the spiritual soul and so it indirectly affects the present body of that soul. Every one was given free will but all actions are linked to KARMA. There are instances in Hindu epics where DEMI-GODS had to take birth as normal humans because of some bad KARMA. The TRINITY mainly PRESERVER can incarnate HIMSELF as human whenever there is a chance that EVIL will overtake GOOD entirely or any time neccessary to enlighten mankind. There are many such instances of incarnations. In my view although it never happened or may happen and it is never mentioned anywhere but hypothetically if GOOD will overtake EVIL entirely or would be about to happen the PRESERVER would have to incarnate to balance or that would be the END. GOOD and BAD both should prevail inorder to operate a civilization but percentage might vary. The main goal of a soul is to merge back with the supreme conciuosness and that can only happen we have only accumulated all good KARMAS and have paid back all bad KARMAS.

  30. mnm1976 says:

    The term GOD can be very very relative. Think of it this way. Our scientists are looking for aliens that have physical body. There can be a species advanced /backward similar to Humans with body in some other world. Lets go at simgle cell level. Suppose one day we manage to go to a planet 100 light years away and modified the genes of a Amoeba/Paramecium to make them intelligent. We will try our best to give them some secret knowledge that they might discover as they will evolve. The amoebas might think Humans are GOD but we know we are not because our powers have limits. So people should understand that there is a difference between aliens and the real GOD. A culture of Amoeba and Paramecium in two separate dishes in the same or different lab or different country may be aliens. Their real GOD, Scientist A and Scientist B might be different. Each Scientist will try that his culture flourish and so he will try to find ways intelligent amoeba can recognize him (religion) and that they should understand their environment (nature). This is too much hypothetical exaggeration, the fact is that we are no where close to doing that also. We cannot create lab culture of even a one cell organism from scratch and bring it to life. In fact we are so primitive that we do not even know 1% of our Human DNA. It is like Amoeba trying to judge Scientist A and think that Scientist A is a alien and might try to harm them. Amoeba should not try this as it is of no use but at the same time should work on to safeguard against the Paramecium as they are comparable and are primitive as them and might follow survival of the fittest rule.

    Suppose two scientists started an experiment reason research

    Scientist A and his 4 lab assistants – Created culture of Amoeba and defined goal (Survival)
    Scientist B and his 4 lab assistants – Created culture of Paramecium and defined goal (Survival)

    The lab assistants of Scientist A worked on gene refinement and developed different races (White amoeba, Black amoeba, Brown amoeba and Yellow amoeba). Different color will show the growth pattern of the modified gene. Assistants will teach them secret methods to fight back a different race and win recognition for them. Each method might be unique. This might be a test of lab asistants also and they might teach some unprofessional ways to win the game. Each lab assistant will try to tell his race that he is the best and kill other amoebas who are not of your race.

    As the Amoeba are intelligent and evoloving so they will follow this sequence

    Phase 1 – They will follow the direct instructions of the lab assistants and will fight and kill the different race.
    Phase 2 – Then they will understand that there are other methods their own lab assistant have not taught them and so instead of killing other race they should over power other race and forcibly know other methods.
    Phase 3 – Then they will understand that knowledge cannot be attained forcibly and they should mutually benefit with each other.
    Phase 4 – All the races will mature and then they will start exploring, brainstorming and discovering the hidden knowledge with in their race.
    Phase 5 – Amoeba race might come to know about Parameciums (Aliens). Based on the current level of matureness amoebas might work with them and gain further knowledge. Incase Parameciums are not evolved to Phase 4 they might attack amoebas trying to be friendly.

    Scientist A and B will only be interested in the reseach if something new is happening in the experient and will help where ever necessary. Amoeba cannot fight with lab assistants or scientists however they might advance. They might just see lab as their universe without even aware of world outside the lab.

  31. TOE TAG says:

    If there are aliens, which I believe there are, then yes the bible would be wrong for it claims we were made in Gods image. If thats the case who’s image are other beings fashioned after?

  32. joey says:

    There is a seventh scenario. If the author knew anything at all about the doctrines concerning God, the seventh is like the second.

    2) Jesus goes through a similar process of life, death, and resurrection on innumerable planets to save innumerable beings and creatures.

    One Doctrine is that God exists outside of time and space. God is present in the past, present, and future.

    So the seventh is like this

    7) Jesus goes through a similar process of life, death, and resurrection on innumerable planets to save innumerable beings and creatures AT THE EXACT SAME INSTANCE. IE the events of 33 AD here on earth happened at the same time on a different planet 10,000 years ago and on a different planet 1,000,000 years from now.

    The newly developed theory of string theory supports this to a degree.

  33. Lover of Rightousness says:

    There are no big mysteries, the answer is simple.
    DEMONS- SATAN and his crew. The are materilizing as aliens, and yes, they are real. They use modern technology, modern minds, drugs, and anything they can to destoy mankind and alienate humans from God.
    We who love God fight demons everyday. You might call us “demon fighters”. They have all kinds of control devices in the universe. The way we destroy their sckeme is to love one another, but
    they have created hatred to the point of no returm. Want to know if you are controlled by the “others”, it is simple. Do you love all of mankind? If you do not, them start praying because Jesus will have to take you out along with the “others” who turn on God. The long stories and saga’s are a waste of time, they want you to believe that crap, Negate them by loving god and humankind. Stop hating, killing, and destroying precious human life. Now there is your real answer.

  34. Antuan says:

    How about we look at it this way, what if the human god is Alien and we were created just as the Sumerians say we were?

  35. Jesse says:

    In the bible it clearly states that” love”is the key.
    All these prophesies must take place for mankind to understand that.
    All 10 commandments are summed up in “one”

    “Love your neighbor as yourself”

  36. Bruce says:

    You forgot option 8 and 9

    8. The aliens demonstrate they were responsible for our religions and Jesus and seeding life on Earth making salvation a moot point and primarily intended for social order and cultural reasons, not as a literal spiritual salvation to anything.

    9. Some aliens are so far up the spiritual ladder by millions even billions of years that they know about life after death, none of which looks anything like the Christian model.

  37. Nathan Kyle says:

    Our governments are afraid, because they have little or no power over ET craft. What can they do but Deny, Ignore, Ridicule and/or play dumb?
    I also believe that some our governments have done some incredibly foolish things in the past, eg. shoot first, question later. Deliberate shoot down upon sight policy.

    We can fence ourseleves in, But we cannot keep the universe out.

    Aliens would be no more more of a threat to our religious beliefs of God than Europeans were to peoples of the New World etc.

    Intelligent Aliens would naturally be curious, just like us. Therein lies the problem.

    Some Aliens will be Good: Define Good?!
    Some Aliens will be Bad: Define Bad?!
    Some Aliens will be both good and bad.

    And some will even be indifferent! uninterested, even dismissive.

    But it is the likelihood of Intelligent Aliens having Extremes,that is the real nightmare.

    Greater Intelligence & Technological advancement is by no means a guarantee of an Enlightened & Benovolent Civilization.

    Intelligent Aliens would be wise enough to judge Mankind by his actions, past and present.
    Let us hope that none decide to interact with us with our as we have done so to each other historically.

  38. M Khan says:

    How aware were the early Muslims, about the existence of extraterrestrials? “The idea that there is life elsewhere in the universe also, was
    derived from the Prophet of Allah (pbuh) when he told Muslims, “When you sit down in the prayer for the Attahiyat and say: “Peace be upon us,
    and the righteous servants of Allah” you actually send peace on all the righteous people living on the Earth and in the heavens.”This clearly
    implies that all type of people, good and bad live in the other worlds as they live on our Earth.” (71) Also with reference to the book Rasial Imam
    Ghazali, in which according to Imam Muhammad Ghazali (11th Century): “People in some of these planetary worlds have learnt to travel and
    communicate with each other.” (72)

    The case of Ibn-e-Abbas is interesting. He was one of the Companions of the Prophet (pbuh).The Prophet (pbuh) had prayed to God
    specially to endow Ibn-e-Abbas(73) with knowledge of the Quran, and he became one of the great scholars of the Quran. Maulana Maududi
    writing in his Tafhim-ul-Quran, tells us that, “Ibn-e-Abbas (may Allah be pleased with him) believed with confidence that there are many more
    earth-like bodies in the heavens. He not only thought that such earths are inhabited by intelligent beings but also that their people are exactly
    like the inhabitants on the Earth. He even went so far as to say that they may have a Prophet like Muhammad (pbuh), and a Adam like our
    Adam, a Noah, like our Noah, an Ibrahim like our Ibrahim, and a Jesus like our Jesus (pbuh).” (74) The knowledge of the existence of
    aliens and that they are mentioned in the Quran, has been present among Muslims from the earliest days of Islam!

  39. S. N. says:

    I’ve got to say most of the people here are thinking single minded-ly. There are many different types of religions located here on Earth, who’s to say that the ‘Aliens’ don’t have their own religion in which they follow? I find it arrogant for people to believe that the only religions that are available for believe are the ones found here.

    If anyone has ever played Mass Effect, I feel that they have presented the ideas of different religions quite nicely.

  40. kathy says:

    When I was younger( around the age of 5) had an experience that was described as a dream, yet 50 years of age,still to this very day I remember it well.In my childhood I learnt of Jesus, and in my minds eye , never seen him , yet feel him so much in my life . why should we not believe in an alien nation? If we are to believe that God is real , where many have said ” I have to see to believe” more and more sightings of Alien exsistance are seen more than some one saying “I saw God ” God is invisible, we have been given the ability to have imagery, so we place God as being in human form for recognition, hence Jesus. For those like myself, have been saved (by the grace of God) are aware of the spiritual connections and the implications to that Connection. It is said that aliens use telepathy to communicate to a person who has the ability to be open spiritually ( like mediums ) to relay messages, similar to how one would receive Gods personal messages to us, through the spirit of God himself. My thoughts are aliens do exist , more watch our planet as we humans are advances than what we believe. Yet saying this some are more gifted than others. WE, the human race are destroying earth, in which God created,along with the solar system its self.With out earth the solar system would not function , other planets would be effected. as much as I have read of aliens being sited example Ezekiel from the bible its self. Man cannot comprehend the complexity’s of gods creations meaning everything to do with any cosmic forces or the complexity of life its self. Aliens are part of our thought patterns , meaning man, its self, we try and believe we have answers,yet do not even touch the surface of any understanding to why they exist? Aliens have personalities like ourselves, yet in a different form,they understand man kind, and it existence. With out man kind the glory of God would not be telepathically taught, which finally was through Christ himself. This is my belief and welcome any comments .

  41. Chris says:

    Scripture and church teaching speak about how sin, the fall of Gods creatures, caused an overall brokenness throughout the world AND the physical universe. So, if one believes this, which I do, whomever or whatever lives on other planets would be fallen too and need Christ’s salvation. I think there probably are
    ntelligent beings on other planets, but also believe they need his salvation. Scripture also says Christ died only ONCE, so I doubt there were multiple acts of death and resurrection. IMPORTANT POint: Scripture and church teaching point toward God working to restore the earth and universe to its fullness before the fall, AND invites us to work with Him to this end(one of our main purposes in this life). How all of this works out I’m not sure we’ll know for quite some time. It seems it falls into the realm of a mystery that only God can understand. I don’t think this conflicts with who we know God is or the facts of salvation history

  42. KL says:

    The likelyhood that we are alone in the vast vast universe seem remote.
    God however is an easier question to answer…… it (God) is simply a fairy story made up by a primitive man to explain his world.
    Jesus is also a fairy story again made up by man to help make sense of the world.
    The mystery isn’t about whether a creator God exists……he doesn’t……the mystery is why seemingly intelligent men and women continue to actually believe in the fairy story………particularly as there is zero evidence that God or Jesus were real.

  43. An ‘!’ to your ‘?,’ God IS An Alien, Cian Rhys, Our Future, An All Import. Issue That by no one’s eye gives me any idea, at all that I can ‘testify’ to being happy with, why that money ideal exists, ONE suggested solution: The Buddhism, Honesty long live, I’ll immediately let You receive my phone, for Your Lawyer to
    call me, 00562 886 04 99, so that I can of course find out & so on, note: The One has to start by telling me, if money IS true happiness, greetings, ‘J.A.,’ jarentved@yahoo.cl.

  44. Praise The Lord says:

    Book of Enoch in The Bible says, “Enoch, thou scribe of justice, go, announce to the watchers of heaven, who have left the high heaven and the holy , eternal place, and have contaminated themselves with women [the rebel angels degraded themselves when they left their own God-given bodies to dwell in the offspring they created through genetic tampering] […] from now on ye will not ascend into heaven to all eternity, and upon earth, it has been decreed, they shall bind you for all the days of the world. …bind them under the hills of the earth…till the day of their judgment and of their end, till the last judgment has been passed for all eternity.” I think this explains Aliens/half breeds, the fallen angels mated with humans on earth and made aliens, aliens are now in another Demention & then fallen angels/demons are sent forever under earth/hell. The alien/half breeds will one day have their judgement too. Although I do believe that there has been alien abduction to take human blood or make more alien half-breeds more human like so they can live on earth. They need our bodies or blood to live here, aliens don’t have reproductive organs like us, they are more like frogs (the bible explains the frog like evil spirits in revelations), they probably insert alien DNA into woman to get them pregnant with alien/human babies during the abduction & send the woman back down to earth and come & abduct them again to finish creating the alien-human baby in a lab, that’s why there are usually always more then one abduction for the same person. With men they probably take their seamen. The half bread demons will try and convince everyone in the end of days that they created all humans, but that is false, they are evil demons who will be extremely convincing. Everyone will start praising them as God. They are not God and will deceive many. Jesus is God, he will come down on a white horse with the sound of a trumpet from Heaven. His coming will try and be faked first, do not be fooled, please research alien deception end of times.

  45. BC says:

    Ah…a good article from about 5 years ago. Such discussion via web is still out there today.

    One thing that others forget to mention though, time and time again, are things from a Christian perspective that are highly relevant and pretty obvious to most well read and Biblically literate Christians. These are:

    1) We should not apply man’s view of “fairness” to God’s choices or activities. Saying “It’s not fair that God doesn’t save ‘smarter-than-us aliens'” isn’t a valid argument from a Christian perspective. Scripture tells us that salvation is not based on one’s intelligence or even a sense of “fairness” – only on belief in Christ AND his resurrection and atonment for man’s sin. It’s given by Grace, not by works, accomplishments, or intelligence. Therefore there could be intelligent life elsewhere and the need for salvation is a non-issue all the way around.

    2) There is nothing to suggest in scripture that animals on earth require or need salvation – and neither does it say they receive a resurrected body after death in the new heavens and earth. Therefore, since the atoning work of Christ doesn’t provide them salvation, we can conjecture that it doesn’t need to cover intelligent aliens either.

    3) Scriptures state that man was created a little below heavenly beings (angels). That means that there is “other life” and it is more intelligent than humans, at least presently. The Bible also says that Christ’s works were never intended for the salvation of angles, even the fallen ones. So this conveys the clear notion that man can be less intelligent than other entities who are smarter than us but do not require salvation at all.

    4) If aliens have their own religion, and are more intelligent than us, then they are “closer to God” and we should follow their religion. To this argument I would say “no, not necessarily..and probably not.” Intelligence does not convey a higher understanding or closeness to God – so aliens may or may not “have it right” when it comes to relgion and therefore simply worship whatever they have conceived as correct in their minds.

    4) Scripture tells us that mankind was created by God for his purpose, and in “his image”. That image is often quoted as “intelligence, skill, or ability” but that isn’t really what the scriptures are conveying. Image refers to “status” – meaning human beings are God’s representatives on earth, and in all creation. That technically puts all living creatures, the universe, and any aliens in it under mankind in God’s overall plan. That plan, we are told by scripture, was taken off course by man’s fall, hence the need for redemption for mankind. God’s plan is still to put mankind above all and to co-rule over the all creation with him. Therefore there can indeed by aliens out there that fall into this plan in some way as it unfolds.

    Food for thought.

  46. Flemming says:

    Interesting subject i have never read the bible but if someone can explain where in that book it says anything about where god came from its boring reading about salvation. Of course the god in this world is an alien what else can it be? I just always imagine religion as odd old stories with no logic at all. People write much about gods overall plan but who knows if god is allpowerful more logical he is a child of someone more powerful and Satan is then the brother sister whatever of god.

  47. jeo says:

    it is too childish to assume that religions are really worthy of getting any attention in any serious day to day discussions , let alone when the topic is to cover mysteries of the universe

  48. apr says:

    is there actual proof that jesus even existed?

  49. apr hioward says:

    hisrory has no proof that jesus even existed. it is a myth like many other mesiaha

  50. Try reading scripture today in a literal sense! It describes, artificial insemination (virgin birth of Jesus), other extraterrestrials (not from earth sentient beings – angels and demons), a God from outer space (from the heavens), tilted axis on the earth (the Great 40 day Flood), miracles done by conscious expectation (quantum physics) and more.
    I makes more sense today then ever! On Amazon: The Celestial Proposal

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