How Old Do You Think the Earth Is?

According to a team of researchers from the University of Minnesota, how you answer that question is a “strong predictor” of what you think and know about the theory of evolution. They interviewed 400 college students taking an introductory biology class but not majoring in the subject and found that students who understand the Earth is more than 4.5 billion years old are much more likely to understand and accept evolution.
This is an important finding, says Sehoya Cotner, a biology professor who led the study, because it means the “role of the Earth’s age is a key variable that we can use to improve education about evolution.” That said, the researchers recognize that deep time is a tough concept to grasp, and it’s a lot easier to teach and learn creationist ideas about the age of the Earth than it is to work through the scientific evidence and explanations.
The researchers also found that students who are more religiously and politically conservative are more likely to endorse young-Earth beliefs than students with more liberal views are, and they’re less likely to correctly answer questions about evolution. Yet, as the team writes in its paper:

Holding young-Earth views may not significantly impede a student’s ability to learn facts about evolutionary theory. Thus, although it is not the role of biology instructors to engage in political or religious proselytizing, there remains the possibility of changing what students know about evolution via academic instruction.

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  1. Ray Ingles says:

    Here’s a simple question that I’ve never seen a creationist even attempt to answer:

    Finding oil is a very high-stakes issue for oil companies. Trillions of dollars are riding on it. When they look for the most likely spots to drill, do they use Flood geology, or mainstream? Which one actually delivers the goods?

    If the Earth is only 6,000 years old, where did the oil come from? If created in the ground, is there a way to predict where it might be found? Or perhaps it did form from plankton, but 10,000 times faster than any chemist thinks it could in those conditions? A young Earth and a Flood would imply some interesting questions to ask, some extremely valuable research programs to start. How come nobody’s actually pursuing such research programs?

    Why don’t creationists put together an investment fund, venture capital for things like oil and mineral rights? If “Flood geology” is really a better theory, then it should make better predictions than standard geology does. The profits from such a venture could pay for a lot of evangelism. Why is no one doing this?

  2. Jim Jo says:

    Then how many have you asked?

  3. Human Ape says:

    “How Old Do You Think the Earth Is?”

    Scientists say it’s about 4.6 billion years old, and that sounds about right to me. Christian extremists think it’s about 6,000 years old. I’m going to have to go with the scientists on this one, and not the insane uneducated morons who believe in supernatural magic.

    “role of the Earth’s age is a key variable that we can use to improve education about evolution.”

    An even better way to improve education about evolution is to somehow first eradicate the Christian death cult.

  4. Mike says:

    Darwin predicts that these weak minded religious people will go the way of Dodo.

  5. Henry J says:

    As a card carrying Christian extremist who thinks the earth is closer to 6,000 years than 6 billion years old, geologists generally use geology to find oil. They don’t use “evolutionary” geology because there is no benefit to the term. Rocks and rock layers that trap oil and natural gas are features of this Earth and do not have any different configuration no matter what one blieves about their origin or how they came to be layed down in their present position.

    There is evidence today that some oil and gas fields are regenerating themselves. Check it out. There is no evidence that oil or gas is a “fossil” fuel. Coal is definitely made from dead plants that were buried before decomposing. So coal is definitely a fossil fuel.

    What caused these plants to be washed out and covered by dirt quickly enough is disputed. What caused a flood isn’t known. How many floods is not known. Whether the word “flood” is the correct term is unknown. But these plants had to be buried by dirt quickly to keep their carbon character intact.

    I prefer the Genesis account, others don’t.

  6. Actually, Mike, if the reproduce faster, they might go the way of the housefly, which is to say WAY up in population, and quickly.

  7. Chris says:

    “There is no evidence that oil or gas is a “fossil” fuel.”

    What? There’s plenty of evidence that oil is a fossil fuel. From Wikipedia:
    “Extensive research into the chemical structure of kerogen has identified algae as the primary source of oil. The abiogenic origin hypothesis fails to explain the presence of these markers in kerogen and oil, as well as failing to explain how inorganic origin could be achieved at temperatures and pressures sufficient to convert kerogen to graphite. It has not been successfully used in uncovering oil deposits by geologists, as the hypothesis lacks any mechanism for determining where the process may occur.”

  8. D J Wray says:

    Billions of years old. However, that doesn’t contradict God or religion. According to a new theory we are living inside an expanding parallel universe whose influence is fairly recent in cosmic terms. One of its achievements is to provide intelligence, free-will and language skills to otherwise primitive creatures.

    D J Wray

  9. Henry J says:

    OK – Chris is correct. Given algae, then oil/gas are fuels made from dead things. Often though we think fossil fuel means millions of dead things buried for long periods of time. Like I was taught in school that they were from dead dinosaurs, etc. But these fuels are produced by organic processes, algae being one and others active in their production. Oil/gas are not a fossil fuel like coal.
    And D J Wray is also correct that billions of years doesn’t contradict God or Religion. But it does contradict the Bible. I still prefer the Genesis account of origins.
    Henry J

  10. johnny smithy says:

    Come on America get control of your out-of-control lunatic creationists. For America and the rest of the world, I beg you.

    My reasoning: America is the superpower, if creationists are allowed to carry on growing in number it will be a super power ran by religeous nuts.

    @Henry J
    S you agree coal is millions of years old, now we are getting somewhere.

  11. Henry J says:

    Wrong johnny Smithy. Coal is not millions of years old. Coal requires the correct conditions of plant burial for the organic matter to generate the coal. Time is not one of these conditions. Heat and lack of oxygen play a role. Fence posts were partly turned to coal after the Mount Saint Helens eruption. The part above ground was wood still and part below ground was partly turned to coal. Very little time was necessary.

    Oh, by the way, “ran by religeous nuts” is bad grammar. Shouldn’t it be “run” instead? And if the word “creationists” is plural shouldn’t “number” be “numbers” also, as “growing in numbers?” At least in English grammar we should agree in number?

  12. AnotherProudAetheist says:

    Oh come on, get it right, Henry J. It IS millions of years old, otherwise how could hundreds of layers of earth and other organic material compress the original layer into coal? And get off your high horse and stop preaching to the rest of us about grammar, you smart-arse. You don’t even have it right, for God’s sake! It is “growing in number”, so you can shut up, can’t you. Do you even have any right to go around correcting people’s grammar? Are you a qualified teacher?

  13. ABrookhart says:

    Ok people listen. Everyone is going to have different ideas on how old the Earth is. In actuality, NO ONE KNOWS EXACTLY HOW OLD IT IS!!!! and I honestly don’t think they ever will. Why are we wasting our time arguing about this if it doesn’t even matter? I’m a Christian, and I believe the Earth is old, but I don’t know exactly and I’m not going to sit there and argue about that. People can believe what they want, but you can’t tell them they’re wrong–so don’t try to change their opinion.

  14. CogitoErgoAtheosSum says:

    The approximate age of the world has been proved over and over again with real science, in peer reviewed scientific journals. Different dating methods show that the earth is around 4.6 billion years old. Not a single creationist pseudo scientist has even been able to prove that all these dating methods are wrong, nor have they been able to come up with a decent method themselves. All they can do is create conspiracy theories and spread unscientific lies. Sure, carbon dating won’t work in a coalmine, but that’s why there are other methods. Methods that can make accurate predictions on where in the geological strata you can find what. No creationist theory exists that can do that.

  15. israel says:

    it dnt mattr, jst knw tht its old..u cannot prove the greatness of God using science, no matter hw solid the evidence may be.

  16. Nathan says:

    I have no idea why some people think the Earth was created around 4,000 BC. Maybe it’s because the universe was created in 4,001 BC and the Big Bang never happened.

    Fact is, the Church felt threatened by science around (probably not exactly, but near) 1,000 AD… and it was not until they felt threatened by science that lo and behold, wow, the Earth is somehow YOUNGER than alot of the MANMADE artifacts in the world.

    I believe science and religion can coexist… and for me they do… I believe in alot of both. But when people tell me that the Earth is 6,000 years old and proven science is wrong, I get OFFENDED! How can they be so ARROGANT as to say proof beyond the shadow of a doubt is wrong?

    If what is proven beyond the shadow of a doubt is wrong, that means Bin Laden is innocent, Hitler never killed Jews, 9/11 never happened… Because they were proven too.

    So I’d like to ask the Young Earth Creationist theorists out there… how can you possibly be so STUPID?

  17. Disciple says:

    The earth is 5,6 billion years old..
    I know no one will believe me, but to show that I know what I am talking about, consider the following;

    Daniel 8:14 is actually written 200300 days which equals 556.388888 days (rounded)and is April 20, 33 AD, just as Jesus said it was in John 20:1-22.

    Everthing Jesus said in the book of Revelation is true and I know what every word means, every word.

  18. Joe says:

    Disciple, you are either uneducated or deluded or both. Maybe if you went to college for a few years and studied science you would understand more. You should watch this:

  19. DudeImFree says:

    Hey Disciple,

    Please read my deconversion story posted just yesterday. It may help.

  20. […] is hardly a “detail.” For one thing, we know that how people answer that question is a “strong predictor” of what they think and know about evolution. And as Barbara Morrill of the Daily Kos points out: […]

  21. johnny M says:

    The bible provides a complete genealogy from Adam to Jesus. If you do the math…… gives you a total of just over 4,000 years and it is now 2,010 AD………This equates to a total of just over 6,000 years.

    According to the Bible………..God (!) took 6 days to create everything (see below).

    Day 1: The heavens, the earth, light and darkness.

    Day 2: Heaven

    Day 3: Dry land, the seas, and vegetation.

    Day 4: The sun, the moon and the stars.

    Day 5: Living creatures in the water, birds in the air.

    Day 6: Land animals and people.

    Day 7: God “rested”.

    The oldest know fossils are Stromatolites. Some of which date back some 3.5 BILLION years.

    The oldest know fossil for multicellular organisms. Date back some 600 Million years !

    Forget using the formation of oil as an example…….Use fossils. Lets see how the “believers”. Try to use their book of stories (fiction). To explain
    fossils away. Bearing in mind that “God” created everything around 6,000 years ago……….So there was nothing here before.

    I have NOTHING against anyone who is religious…….I am a live and let live sort of person. I just get tired of all the bull shit. Where, people who are SOOOO very wrong. Still try to explain/justify. Their beliefs, based on what they were (for the most part)…….”taught”…….by their parents (who were equally brainwashed/indoctrinated……….in turn, by their parents.

    Like I said…… do they. Explain away. The existence of fossils ?????

    One day science will totally discredit the writings in the Bible……to be just a collection of meaningless fiction.

    Religion has been used for thousands of years to suppress and control people. If today, they (in the face of all the evidence). Wish to continue. To be treated in such a manner……….all I can say is MORE FOOL THEM

    Me I have a brain………and am not prepared (and I was brought up in a religious background)……..then so be it.

  22. johnny M says:

    ……..Oh and if anyone wishes to pick me up on spelling/grammer etc. Be my guest. It is now 3am GMT…….and I am tired.


  23. Mark-UK says:

    Wow… just wow is all I can say.

    Sometimes I thank God (excuse the pun), that I live in the UK, ironically we have a Christian head of state & allot of schools are “Church Of England”, but we have a massive population of Agnostic or Atheist people.

    This is at around 40% currently in the UK, so we are in no way a minority. It scares me to think of a country the size of the USA with people in office who think the earth is 6000 years old….

    I try to be diplomatic & nice about it to people but unfortunately a line must be drawn somewhere.

    The earth is not 6000 years old, we have so many forms of evidence it’s not even funny.

    Example A = Carbon dating (scientifically proven)

    Example B = Radioactive half/life decay

    Example C = Evidence of ice ages in land scaring

    Example D = The speed of light, then taking into account some stars are MORE than 6000 light years away.

    Example E = The estimated age of our star & solar system.

    I could go on….

  24. F~I~M says:

    Lmao 6000 years old… some people won’t stop smokin them delutional blunts . Does any believer have any proof of there “claims” ?? Any at all?? Or do u just have a bunch of storys backed up by alot of fear ? U believe because your a scared weak minded person , sorry but I had to say it , explain to me how different human races came about [african american, latino, asian] when got left adam & eve just [2] people to poplulate the earth .. Do u see where im going with this one? Lets wake up & snap out of it, fear is the most controlling emotion , and every believer fears what the bible says, that book can only rely on fear , and a god that needs to use fear and scare people into doin things is not a very good powerful god to me, if he’s sooooo powerful and loving and careing then why couldn’t he she or it find a way to make us WANT to do good by using love and no fear at all.

  25. Stick together says:

    The bible implies that “man” is 6000 years old. Not necessarily the earth. Isnt it possible that the earth was around for a long time before He made Adam and Eve? He never said if it was or not! Thats where faith comes in.
    Radiocarbon dating is actually not foolproof. Check out the research from a few sites.
    All I know is that things are crazy in America right now and we have to stand together for our freedoms and the bill of rights or we are in for a rude awakening. We should put our energy into fighting for a non socialistic/tyranic government instead of arguing with eachother on something not one of us has a clue on! Come on guys take a stand for our country or else we are up sh1t creek. check into Ron Paul in 2012 right now he is our only hope!!! peace~

  26. I'm young(bad grammer to) says:

    There is absoloutly no proof of the world being 6000 years old im not the smartest guy in the world but i can prove right not it is atleast a billion years old cant prove 4.5 billion cuz im only a kid but think about things like grand canyons deltas also a great point if earth is 6000 years old why can we see up to 13.5 billion light years away..?The light woudn’t have reached us so theres some evidence also think about universe why would god create a universe 13.5 billion years before he actually got to something?Also any religouse group has no evidence there god exsists.also if there is really a god why do people die of hunger why do people drown why do people get murderd by killers why are babies killed or drown by there mothers if god exsist then he really isnt nice people always gives him credit for good things but if he created everything you should also blame him for all the bad things

  27. Aklay says:

    ok then… I don’t want to get involved in a huge argument where people resort to insulting each other, but I have something I’d like to share (not sure what good it will do, but here it is…)

    Science can’t prove anything. Admittedly, I’m not a scientist, nor do I have a college degree, but in everything I’ve learned and been taught (by the people who would know), science can offer supporting evidence and contradictory evidence, but however much much something is tested – however flawless the experiments, methods, and instruments are or may become, nothing can be proven beyond any doubt.

    In much the same way, religon can’t prove its views are true either.

    So many ideas and theories created by humans have been falsified by contemporary discoveries, that it’s highly premature to suggest that anything else created by humans is solid.

    At the core of both religon and science, is faith. Ultimately, you decide whether you believe something or not, and that decision is yours to keep or alter as you learn more.

    In light of this, it is unjust to hold your opinion – which you arrived at by your own free will in light of all the available information – and then turn to another person, who also holds their own opinion, arrived at in the same manner and held with the same conviction, and tell them that they are hopelessly wrong. That they are stupid, uneducated, insane, bigoted, brainwashed, deluded, nutty, weak-minded, and moronic.

    Ok. Now I shall leave before I annoy someone afresh.

  28. michelle says:

    For all your people who are bashing creationist, why dont you ask someone who knows a little about the subject. Read the books “answers in Genesis” and they answer all the “problems” you have came up with about why the earth can not be thousands of years old. Out knowledge of science is always changing, the bible is not. Check out this website as well for some of your answers.

  29. michelle says:

    here is your answer for how Oil is made, in the bible.

  30. barry says:

    Pardon my grammer, when any speicies becomes sentient they then become aware there is an end to their existence. This for many can cause much worry and anxiety which are not healthy for the survival of said speicies. To remedy this anxiety over death the spiecies comes up with the belief in gods or god, this belief allows for an existence after death. This is why so many of us humans do not want to believe in science even when the truth is so easy for many of us to see and understand. It is clear that religion will go the way of the dinosaur, as knowlegde becomes easier to get more and more of us will evolve beyond the petty need for god.

  31. Yorks says:

    Michelle, why on earth should I look at (or the Bible, for that matter) to find out about the origin of oil, or the earth, or the universe? These answers come from Science. The true test of a religious doctrine is its ability to provide a worldview that supplements Science, or exists at a different plane from that of Science, without in any way contradicting or being in conflict with Science. Any portion of the Bible that conflicts with proven Science should be discarded or, at least, not taken literally.

  32. Frank says:

    Religion is the ancients answer to the unknown, and should be consigned to history…it has no place in modern thinking. Religion is also mutually exclusive to pure science, and in these enlightened ages, it offers nothing more than contradictions. It has served its purpose, it should be let go.

  33. James Krusikov says:

    If the earth is only 6000 years old how can we have fossils that date back many, many hundreds of thousands of years before that?
    Put simply, it’s impossible.
    So here’s the available options:
    Either the fossils are ALL falsely dated and are less than 6000 years old, or -alternatively- that the earth is much older than 6000 years and any religious assertations to the contrary are not borne out in reality.
    Whilst carbon dating does have it’s issues with reliability I think i’ll trust it over the bible anyday.

  34. veana says:

    The bible says the earth is about 6,000-7,000 years old, but scientist believe it is 4.7 billion years old which is impossible. This is correct because of 6 reasons. You can see these 6 or more reasons at How old is the earth? – Answers in Genesis. I also did some research using a magazine of mine called Christ of the nations: special edition February 2011. It says that the earth can’t be 4.7 billion years old because Niagara falls recedes 2.5 feet a year. If the earth was 4.7 billion years old, Niagara falls would have reached the ocean. Also the moon is drifting away from the earth 2 inches a year. If the earth was 4.7 billion years old the moon would have started 148,358 miles closer to the earth. Therefor causing catastrophic global flooding twice a day. But, if the earth is 6,000 years old the moon only started .2 miles closer to the earth. This proves that the earth must be 6,000- 7,000 years old.

  35. Mitch says:

    Nobody can know the true age of the earth. Just because science says they have dating methods doesn’t guarantee that they are 100% accurate. Nothing created by humans has ever worked 100% of the time. Not cars, computers, PS3s, dishwashers, nothing. Nature, however, has never failed. There is a God. And he created Earth, no matter how old it is. Scientific dating is like saying you can determine my age by measuring how fast my hair grows and then measuring how long it is. But I got a haircut yesterday. So now I’m 1 day old lol.

  36. Just the Facts says:

    Earth 4.5 billion years old? Universe 14 billion years old?

    Lets consider the following:

    1. Carbon 14 & other scientific dating methods have been proven faulty at best.

    2. The sun is shrinking every day as it loses mass. Where was the sun 4.5 billion years ago? It would be touching the earth! So scientifically speaking earth would not be able to survive.

    3. The moon likewise withdraws several inches a year from the earth. Just a couple million years ago the magenitic force of the moon would make life on earth impossible!!

    4. Red blood cells & dna have been found on dinosaur remains. Red blood cells can live only several thousand years NOT millions or worst yet …billions of years!

    5. Measuring the earth’s strata layers is also a falsehood. in 1980 Mt. St. Helens erupted and in only days…NOT weeks…a canyon was formed with different strata layers. According to the scientific method of dating, that canyon would’ve been dated billions of years old when it was formed only in several days (1 day of 24 hrs). Lookup hydrolic sorting.

    6. The oldest writing goes back 5,000 years back not billions of years.

    7. Missing links such as “Lucy” have proven to be a great hoax. Lucy’s head bones were found 200 ft below the ground and 1 mile away from her leg bones.

    8. Law of entropy states that things get worse if left alone not better. Evolution teaches the contrary.

    9. Louis Pastuer discovered that life cannot come to exist without pre-existing life.

    10. The law of conservation of angular momentum states that everything should travel the same direction. If big bang is true, why do the planets orbit the sun. The sun spins clockwise, 9 planets spin counterclockwise.

    11. Comets live only 15-20 thousand years before they are killed by solar wind. Why are comets still around if universe is billions of years old?

    12. Just the fact that you can read, think, reason is proof you are made in Gods image as the Bible states. Humans are superior to animals with a keen sense of justice, love, self awareness, and a conscience -Genesis 1:26.

  37. Just the Facts says:

    According to science…

    The follwoing does not exist:

    being offended
    thoughts (they see chemical reactions in neurons though)
    feeling guilty

    Science cannot look at those feelings under a microscope and see them. Yet no one in their right mind even Richard Dawkins can deny those feelings exist.

  38. Brandon says:


  39. Bill says:

    From 1924 until 1988, the entrance sign to Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico stated the caverns were 260 million years old. In 1988 the sign was changed to read: “This cave is 7-10 million years old.” Two years later the sign said: “This cave is 2 million years old.” 3 years later the sign only said: “Carlsbad Caverns”, and the age was conspicuously absent. Wonder why? Good question. Where do they get those millions of years from, pull them out of a hat? Certainly not from any scientific methods. 10 year old lava samples from the lava dome at Mount St. Helens were submitted for age testing to Geochron Laboratories of Cambridge, MA, a high quality, professional radioisotope dating laboratory. The results? Ages ran from hundreds of thousands of years, to about 3 million years. Here we have lava rock of a known age (10 years), being told it could be as old as millions. So how are we suppose to believe them when they tell us ages of rocks of unknown age? This is not an isolated incident and anyone using critical thinking will discover the truth. I for one am fed up with all the lies they have been telling people oh these many years.

  40. Dennis says:

    Serious statements from Bill and also beforehand from JusttheFacts. I have a B.Sc. and M.Sc. degree and know science.

    Whoever still act like i.e. Brandon, stating a single postulate without any external validity, and thinks that the wonderful world of sciences would explain the whole word is wrong. Ironically, they argue often on basis of logic and rationalism. Well, it simple is true that their are different theories and just because modern sciences show us a certrain underlying world view doesnt make it right. Also, having the mass of humans believe it doesnt make it more right. Its about indications which can be used to argue in favour of a certain theory and as far as I am concerned, I do not believe in Makroevolution, NeoDarwinism etc. since there are very reasonable facts speaking against it. Everybody denying this just isnt honest.
    The conclusion that therefore a God, Intellegence Design or the Bible is the only answer is also wrong…not content wise but in their argumentation…
    It are theories and as such one has to check them, weigh the evidence (with all accesible information, also the anti-arguments) and then make your conclusions.
    I tested the validity and reliability of the bible for my personal life and experienced it to be truth. Its not a science book! Its a book about your life and how to deal with it. Ignoring this and argue that God has stated 6 days and 1 day is like 1000 years so the world is 6000 years old is just wrong on different levels. First, there is scientific strong indications of longer existence which one cant deny. Second, Bible is no Science book and therfore internally the argument is useless. Its like saying Bible is Gods word because it states it. Well…thats no argument…otherwise Koran is also from Allah etc.
    I wish christians would learn to handle argumentations carefully and atheist would be more respectful, open minded since there is more in this world. The bible has very strong historically indications of its validity which can all be challenged and tested and enough of them are finding strong cases in “normal history” thus in literature outside the bible itselfs.
    Btw, if God would be able to be “proven”, then what is the deal about him anyway…then all humans would be predestined to believe since its proven, right? No, we have to search for the truth in it for ourself, no one can do this for us, no single Scientist or teacher.

    I am not an American, dont know much about the US but I have the impression that there is often a big extreme on the one side and on the other side (creationist vs. neodarwinist)…maybe truth is rather somewhere in between? Just a thought. I believe in Jesus Christ as my saviour and he is real, not because of science, not despite science, but because I have tested his assumptions of life for me and I experience it to be absolut the truth and very logical (also often internally logical).

    Conclusion: Dont judge others too fast, dont argue with logic and disprove yourself in the 2nd statement. dont be afraid of the truth. search for it and it might be everything and nothing…..very complex or very simple

  41. spidergirl says:


    You say that creationist such as I base their ideas upon creation. This is true and any believer will admit it. But I would like to point out that evolution is based upon faith as well. So, the “Lucy” character you evolutionists have come up with…you really call that science? Then why did you not find the bones all in the same place? Taking bones from different creations and putting them together like a mural and calling it a person is absolutely ridiculous. There have been so many mistakes upon the parts of evolutionists. The top of a “human skull” that actually turned out to be an ELEPHANT’S KNEECAP is not evidence.
    The fact that you say we base our thought process on fear shows your own fear-you need to insult the opposition instead of presenting some facts, such as those listed above. Find me some evidence and I will be more inclined to understand where you are coming from. But you should understand that I will NEVER agree.
    A question for you: Where did the original life form we supposedly evolved from come from? Was it “just there”? That is certainly unscientific. God made some dinosaurs with the same basic body structure. Does that mean one evolved from the other? NO. Elephants, mice, kangaroos, and bats also have the same body structure. Nothing creates a form of life except a form of life. God is a form of life. Primordial soup is not. Neither is a “Big Bang”. How do you think CHANCE made the world with the perfect conditions to live in? Chance could not have given the world the perfect amount of water and energy to live in. It could not have given the exact percentage of each element of the air that makes it safe to breathe.
    Both beliefs are absolutely based on faith, because in order for them to be scientific, someone had to have been there from the beginning to OBSERVE the process occurring. Observation is one of the key concepts to science. And science can be repeated. I would like to see you try to reproduce evolution. Geologists have searched for evidence of evolution for over a century. They have never found ANY transitional forms. The ones they claim are have become badly fragmented, making it impossible to say they are transitional forms. So, when they find one that is in perfect condition and undoubtedly transitional, let me know.
    Ever heard of entropy? Yeah, that’s science. So if you really believe in science, look up the word entropy and you will see that everything is actually in a state of DISorder. We are not evolving into greater life forms. You think that we all came from a simple life form? You must be feeling unimportant to say that you came from something essentially mindless, without feeling, and inferior.
    The layers of the earth show that there have always been complex forms, anyway. So where’s the proof of any simple life forms becoming more complex? Some of the older strata contain younger fossils, and the younger strata contain older fossils. The geologic column does not even exist.
    So, a few brain snacks for you, if you can fit them into your head: Don’t try to make evolution seem scientific and say that creationists think creation is scientific. Learn to spell correctly before you make an argument about how smart you are, pretending you know all the facts. Throwing out a bunch of backhanded remarks about creationists is low, but the force is weakened by about ninety percent when you don’t use real words. And don’t use texting verbiage.
    God, capital “G”, IS a God of love and compassion. He gave us the gift of free will. Would you like to be a mindless blob instead? Although I’m kind of getting that vibe from your argument. God wrote an absolutely infallible book that is not a history or science book, but every single place it mentions history or science, it is one hundred percent correct. God is omniscient and omnipotent.
    Did you know that when someone has a heart replacement, the doctors have absolutely no equipment to get the heart to begin pumping again?? That is a COMPLETE miracle. Do some research for once.
    I suppose you believe in abortion, too? I have answers for that as well.

  42. Augustine Thomas says:

    Everybody keeps saying the earth is proven to be billions of years old and then forgets to prove it. Dating methods are notoriously inaccurate and completely based on conjecture.

  43. Matthew Taylor says:

    We need not disprove evolution. What evolutionist needs to do is disprove creation – by design. Why did man stop evolving from monkey?

  44. Matthew Taylor says:

    The truth is if you are reading this website, you are execising the being of our creator God while denying He created you. When scientist can create Life, hit me up an email.

  45. Alexander Pryde says:

    After reading the comments above I have started to see the main issue with both sides of the argument. Young earth creationists try to ‘disprove’ science without any understanding of basic scientific PROVEN ideas. On the other hand atheists (like myself) try to ‘disprove’ the creationists without any respect for their beliefs.

    I personally do not believe the earth is 6000 years old, however I still feel that it is okay for people to believe this. (Provided they do not try to change my mind.)

  46. Keith says:

    I think you are all crazy and I’m going to bed.good night

  47. Joelc says:

    I get headaches from discussing science with creationists. These people are at war with reason. Even Pat Robertson agrees that the world is much older than 6000 years. One nut job once espoused that God planted the fossils to contradict man and to challenge man’s faith in him. But here is something to ponder. If creationists are correct then the earth was somehow terra formed from a lifeless rock into a viable biosphere within a relatively short amount of time. One cannot discount this possibility. I believe that numerous advanced civilizations live within a fairly close proximity to earth and may have the technology and patience to make a new world. Perhaps we are the descendants of one of these developers and may be an active part of them now. Perhaps God is the chief developer. The master plan could be to create a perfect race of people, one of perfect ethical and spiritual value and purpose. This perfected humanity gets to live in Heaven. Perhaps a soul is an Avatar like projection into the human body, sort of like the movie except that the people were 10 feet tall and had blue skin and tails. It could be that a soul is actually someone sequestered in a electronic projection box at mission control of some remote planet. Quantum physics could explain some of this. This sounds crazy but it cannot be discounted. Heck, a considerable number of theoretical physicists believe that reality is just a simulation and that the earth and our knowledge of it only exists in a supercomputer, an albeit tremendously powerful one. This again cannot be disproven. Then again, it cannot be disproven that an all powerful God created everything that we know and see. This God created us in his image. This implies that he gave us his wisdom and his ability to understand. This implies that we should not be at war with reason and science and our desire as a people to learn and understand he does.

  48. TheGodexists1 says:

    The Holy Qur’an does not define the age of the universe in any way. Science so far is not able to tell exactly when the universe began. The Holy Qur’an had been introduced in a non-scientific age when people were not able to conceive the stretch of time into billions or millions of years. Had the Qur’an stated that the stars were originated billions of years ago, people may have rejected the whole concept of Islam. The Qur’an, therefore, wisely kept silent on this matter. To be true, you do not need to tell all of what you know of truth; you need only to refrain from misinforming the people. Thus, the door was kept open to any scientific theory, so the religious information will not clash with any scientific knowledge.

  49. Martha says:

    In the beginning, God or in the beginning, no God. If you don’t believe in God, then you must explain origins without God. If you do believe in God, then you can explain origins but you don’t have to, because in essence God is your explanation. To say someone who believes in God has been indoctrinated when you believe in the power of observation and evidence is undermining your belief system and falls short of the truth. Observation and evidence is not at odds with the Christian faith. It is foundational to it. The physical universe speaks to the existence of God. Why? For me, it’s pretty simple. We don’t understand it. We don’t understand our own brains. The evidence is the complexity of the universe, its beauty and majesty. The observation is my brain cannot explain my brain. Therefore One exists who can – God. Is that why I believe in God? Not really. I believe in God because He saved my life. I was lost and then found. I was blind and then I could see. I was dead and then I was brought to life. Jesus Christ, the word made flesh, through whom all things have come into being, gave me new life. That’s my evidence and observation – my proof – what I have seen and heard. I was filled with despair, He gave me hope. I was filled with doubt, He gave me faith. I was angry and hurt, He gave me love. It’s not the first creation as wondrous as it is that astounds me, it’s the new creation that took my heart of stone and gave me a heart of life — eternal life. Can love be measured? No greater love has a man than this – than he would lay down his life for his friends. The world we live in came forth from great love.

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