How Compassionate Is Your City?

In Seattle, Jon Ramer has started the 10 Year Compassionate Cities Campaign. If 1,000 residents join up by March 15—a sign that they’ll commit hours or dollars for public service—he says the mayor and city council will affirm the Charter for Compassion and declare Seattle a “City of Compassion.” In part that means that for the next 10 years, the city and its residents will deepen their commitment to compassionate action during the months of April and October.
As he explains:

The campaign demonstrates that citizens care deeply about compassionate action and are ready and willing to hold themselves accountable for the quality of compassion that is experienced in their homes, schools, offices, and throughout our city.
Our goal is to create a compassionate world, one city at a time. It takes awareness plus commitment to make personal as well as collective change.

According to Ramer, a number of other cities are already planning their own campaigns, including Portland, San Francisco, Vancouver, London, and Lahore in Pakistan.

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