What Can We Expect Church 2.0 to Look Like?

According to Paul Lamb in the Harvard Divinity Bulletin:

Trend watchers suggest the latest fad is the emergence of “micro-churches.” With over 10,000 identified religions worldwide, and two or three new ones being introduced every day, the religious future is looking more and more like a community fruit basket and less like an orchard growing red-only apples. Technology will play a key role in the localization and miniaturization of religion, because it puts organizing and communications tools directly into the hands of people themselves. Why go to the church on the corner, which may not speak to you directly, when you can organize your own church of like-minded individuals in your neighborhood? These micro-communities will likely gain guidance from online mini-gatherings from around the globe.
This is not to say that the mainstream churches will disappear any time soon, but if they view social media and technology change as purely a communications challenge, they risk being left standing on the docks watching the future sail away.

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  1. ABrookhart says:

    I feel like “internet churches” will be pretty popular within the next 50 or so years. Mini churches will most likely take over, like mentioned above in the article, but I am anxious to see what else the internet and technology will do in order to shape the church and the weekly gathering that so many Christians look forward to.

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