Best Spiritual and Inspirational Movies of 2009

According to Beliefnet judges, the winners are:

Best Spiritual Film: The Road
Best Inspirational Film: Precious and Up (tie)
Best Spiritual Documentary: More Than a Game

Beliefnet readers, on the other hand, chose:

Best Spiritual Film: The Blind Side
Best Inspirational Film: Precious
Best Spiritual Documentary: Earth

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  1. Liz says:

    Well, not going to argue with the choice of “The Blind Side,” as I loved it and am looking forward to its DVD release tomorrow. This movie, “Act As If,” isn’t a big Hollywood movie, but it is inspirational just the same. “Act as If” is the philosophy of Kathy Delaney-Smith, the Harvard women’s basketball head coach (winningest coach in the Ivy League) — you “act as if,” and step into the reality we wish to be true. When our actions reflect our beliefs, what we’ve decided then becomes our reality. It’s uplifting, funny and inspiring.

  2. John K says:

    The Blind Side was awesome. But not “Act as if”. The most unattractive thing for any “REAL” man is to see a bunch of masculine women going into hysteria from a Testosterone overdose. :)

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