Meet the 2010 Templeton-Cambridge Fellows

Ten journalists have been selected for this year’s Templeton-Cambridge Journalism Fellowships in Science & Religion, a two-month program in which they’ll examine key concepts in science and religion through seminars, discussions, and independent study. The group includes The Huffington Post contributor Dr. Qanta Ahmed, freelancer John Farrell, documentary producer Zeeya Merali, science writer Chris Mooney, The World‘s chief anchor and senior producer Lisa Mullins, Nature contributor Jane Qiu, Religion News Service correspondent Francis Rocca, The Chronicle of Higher Education critic-at-large Carlin Romano, Slate cultural columnist Ron Rosenbaum, and The New Republic executive editor J. Peter Scoblic.
Says Sir Brian Heap, co-director of the program:

The story of science and religion, with its deep roots in the past, has grown into one of the most complex, challenging, and important stories of our time.

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