March 1, 2010

Battle for Texas State Board of Education Begins
Most of us in Texas are concentrated on the governor’s race, which certainly is the most crucial contest in the primary both parties are holding tomorrow. But not far behind in importance is a race for the State Board of Education seat, Place 9. Incumbent board member Don McLeroy, a Bryan Republican, is being challenged by Thomas Ratliff, a Mount Pleasant Republican. (William McKenzie, The Education Front, The Dallas Morning News)

The General Synod Debate
The challenge for the church is to translate the crumbling edifice of traditional Christian belief into a valid assertion of truth about life that can stand comparison with the equally valid truths and wisdom drawn from scientific perception and deduction. (Tom Sutcliffe,

True Religion
Phillip Blond and Adrian Pabst: We are witnessing a real intellectual return to religion that cannot be reduced to the spread of fanaticism. It is also becoming clear that secularism reinforces rather than overcomes both religious fundamentalism and militant atheism. In the new, post-secular world, religion cannot be eliminated and, properly figured, is in fact our best hope for a genuine alternative to the prevailing extremes. (International Herald Tribune)

Sean Carroll

Sean Carroll sat down with at AAAS to explain his theories and why Marty McFly’s adventure could never exist in the real world, where time only goes forward and never back. (Erin Biba)


Dani Shapiro’s memoir Devotion is a 42-year-old woman’s spiritual exploration of her relationship to God, religion, and faith. Using an a la carte approach (including yoga, Buddhism, Judaism, kabbalah, ayurvedic philosophy, Thomas Merton, and Virginia Woolf), Shapiro examines the rituals and mores of various belief systems as though she were pinching each with tweezers. (Kerri Arsenault, San Francisco Chronicle)

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