Neuroscientist Pledge

Neuroscientist Curtis Bell is calling on his fellow brain scientists to sign a pledge in which they promise not to participate in applying neuroscience to violate basic human rights and international law:

The pledge gives neuroscience the opportunity to join with other professions in moving away from militarism and violence toward a culture of peace and respect for human life. Professionals and their organizations have a special responsibility in this regard, because they are members of a respected elite with knowledge and influence.
Our goal as neuroscientists and human beings should be to create a culture that encourages applications that enhance human life while discouraging those that damage it. If you are a neuroscientist and you agree, sign the pledge.

Whether neuroscientists choose to take this specific pledge or not, the National Core for Neuroethics at the University of British Columbia hopes the document will start a conversation about the neuroethics of war.

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