What Do Jews Do When Science Contradicts Torah?

Nathan“A Jew in the 20th century doesn’t have to decide whether to accept the most recent scientific theories to be faithful to our Torah tradition that is thousands of years old,” Nathan Aviezer, a physicist at Bar-Ilan University, tells The Jewish Week.
“Modern Orthodox Jews recognize that the Torah often uses metaphors. Maimonides stressed that when reading the Torah, the ‘paths of interpretation are not closed to us.’ … I agree with what Maimonides wrote in his Guide for the Perplexed: Much of what is said in the Bible actually fits modern science. Therefore, you should try to understand the Bible literally, but if well-established science contradicts that, then you should understand it figuratively.”

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  1. B.Dickson says:

    Maybe in such case (of which you do not highlight any examples)), you should question and scrutinise the proposed science FIRST, rather than your Torah!

    Just a thought.

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