December 18, 2009

CDMS detector assemblyHas Dark Matter Been Detected?
Jodi Cooley, a particle physicist at Southern Methodist University, presented the latest results from the Cryogenic Dark Matter Search 2, a series of detectors buried deep underground in a former iron mine in northern Minnesota. (The first CDMS experiment was located at Stanford, much closer to the surface.) CDMS-2, she said, detected two signals that fit the bill for the passage of dark matter particles, but other possibilities could not be ruled out. (John Matson, Scientific American)

Praying for a Loved One Makes People More Forgiving
“What seems to be operative here is that people experience a selfless love when they pray; they appear to be connecting more with humanity and feeling more positively toward humanity as a whole. That’s what leads them to be more willing to forgive,” says study co-author Frank Fincham, a world expert on relationship science. (Misty Harris, Canwest News Service)

Happiness Linked to Objective, External Circumstances
Research carried out by the University of Warwick in Britain and Hamilton College in upstate New York finds that internal happiness is more closely related to external conditions—such things as climate, air quality, and schools—than many have assumed. (Daniel Wood, The Christian Science Monitor)

New Discovery Casts More Doubt on Shroud of Turin as Jesus’ Burial Cloth
The newfound shroud was something of a patchwork of simply woven linen and wool textiles, the study found. The Shroud of Turin, by contrast, is made of a single textile woven in a complex twill pattern, a type of cloth not known to have been available in the region until medieval times, archaeologist Shimon Gibson said. (Mati Milstein, National Geographic News)

America Is the Most Religious Nation in the Industrialized World
Religiosity remains high among all adult age groups, according to the Bertelsmann Foundation’s Religion Monitor, and large majorities of Catholics and Protestants say that their religious beliefs affect their political views. Faith plays a far less significant role in developed European countries such as Britain, France, and Germany. (Matthew Hay Brown, In Good Faith, The Baltimore Sun)

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