Who Believes What

In a new Harris Poll, researchers asked Americans what they do and do not believe in. Here’s what they uncovered:
When they broke down the results by religion, they found some pretty big differences:
From this, the researchers note two major points:

Many people consider themselves Christians without necessarily believing in some of the key beliefs of Christianity. However, this is not true of born-again Christians.
In addition to their religious beliefs, large minorities of adults, including many Christians, have “pagan” or pre-Christian beliefs, such as a belief in ghosts, astrology, witches, and reincarnation.

In another Harris Poll, this one focusing on belief in God in particular, researchers found that 59 percent of Americans are “absolutely certain” there is a God, while 15 percent are “somewhat certain.” (Jews are more likely to be unsure than Catholics, Protestants, or born-again Christians are).
Many people—43 percent—believe that God watches but doesn’t control what happens on Earth, while 30 percent of Americans believe God does control things.

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