October 13, 2009

china-flagReligious Explosion in China
Estimates range as high as 130 million, but according to Carsten Vala, a specialist in Protestantism in China at Loyola College in Maryland, there are probably about 50 million Christians in China. About 40 million of them are non-denominational Protestants. (Aileen McCabe, Canwest News Service)

Theory vs. Action
Much as we may assent to the idea that we are but matter in motion, seldom do we act that way. We love. We fight. We distinguish between the good and noble and the bad and base. More than just religion, our literature and our politics and our music resonate precisely because they speak to these things. (William McGurn, The Wall Street Journal)

Remembering Joseph Priestley
The prolific English Unitarian minister, philosopher, scientist, and historian deliberately cultivated a broad and enthusiastic curiosity about the nature of the world and humanity’s place in it, and historians are still struggling to make sense of his great, sprawling life through the blinders of our modern assumptions. (Scott Gerard Prinster, UU World)

David Carlson

David Carlson, who has taught religious studies at Franklin College since 1978, has long been interested in topics related to reducing levels of violence in human relationships, particularly violence based on religious differences and geopolitical conflicts. (Bill McCleery, Faith & Values, The Indianapolis Star)

Eternal Life

John Shelby Spong, the retired Episcopal bishop of Newark, New Jersey, turns to a topic that has haunted him since childhood, drove him to study theology and, he concludes, both given rise to organized religion and thwarted its development: death, and what comes next. (Stuart Laidlaw, Toronto Star)

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