Richard Dawkins Says He’s No Accommodationist

Richard DawkinsIn a recent Newsweek interview, Richard Dawkins said he didn’t think believing in God and believing in evolution were incompatible positions:

No, I don’t think they’re incompatible if only because there are many intelligent evolutionary scientists who also believe in God—to name only Francis Collins as an outstanding example. So it clearly is possible to be both.

This led some, like Josh Rosenau of the National Center for Science Education and Unscientific America author Chris Mooney to wonder whether Dawkins was moving toward their more accommodating position. Well, he’s not, as he explains in a note to Jerry Coyne:

How utterly ridiculous. All I was saying is that it is possible for a human mind to accommodate both evolution and religion because F. Collins’ mind seems to manage the feat (along with lots of vicars and bishops and rabbis). I also needed to make the point that TGSOE [The Greatest Show on Earth] is not the same book as TGD [The God Delusion] because many interviewers who are supposed to be interviewing me about TGSOE have simply ignored it and gone right back to assuming that it is the same book as TGD.
I sympathize with politicians who have to watch every syllable they utter for fear it will be misused by somebody with an agenda.

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