September 10, 2009

APTOPIX Mexico Hijacked AirplanePreacher Says God Wanted Him to Hijack Plane
Jose Flores, a 44-year-old Bolivian preacher who lives in Mexico, had gotten the word from God that he had to warn Mexicans of an impending disaster—an earthquake “like none there has ever been,” he told reporters after being hustled off the plane by police without anyone being injured. (Mark Stevenson, Associated Press)

Darwin Biopic Premieres Tonight!
Jon Amiel’s Creation is bound to spark controversy because it depicts Charles Darwin struggling with his epochal 1859 work, On the Origin of Species, though it’s much more than a red flag to religious fundamentalists. The opening-night film at the Toronto International Film Festival is an intelligent, touching depiction of a brilliant man who’s sure of his scientific skills but tormented not only by remorse over the loss of a beloved child but also by the realization that he has lost his faith. (Ray Bennett, Reuters)

The Harvard Crimson Says It “Did Not Intend” to Publish Ad for Holocaust Denier
Maxwell Child: The Crimson ran an advertisement that questioned whether the Holocaust occurred and which unsurprisingly angered many members of the Harvard community. (The Harvard Crimson)

Atheist Message Appears on Utah Road Sign
The flashing construction sign on Foothill Drive near the University of Utah was broken into overnight and changed to read “God does not exist,” said Utah Department of Transportation spokesman Adan Carrillo. (Lindsay Whitehurst, The Salt Lake Tribune)

Paul Halpern

Physicist Paul Halpern explores the past, present, and intriguing future of high-energy particle physics in Collider. He explains what all the hubbub surrounding the Large Hadron Collider is about and why physicists are pretty much beside themselves with anticipation. (Betsy Mason, Wired Science)

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