Christian Masquerades as Racist Atheist?

From Daniel Florien of Unreasonable Faith:

Daylight Atheism appears to have caught a Christian masquerading as a “white power atheist” in the comments on its blog. It sounds similar to when we caught a pastor pretending to be an atheist in the comments on this blog. The point was the same—to make atheists look immoral.
I don’t understand the point in doing things like this. If they think atheists are all immoral and racists, then why would they need to make up horrible comments? Wouldn’t those kinds of comments be everywhere? But they’re not, of course, because they’re wrong. So they pretend to be atheists and say horrible things.
This kind of thing disgusts me. They want to believe people different from them are evil, and are willing to impersonate them to make sure their bigotry is confirmed. Thankfully, these two instances have backfired and all it does is show the weakness of their position and their own willingness to lie.
Unfortunately, not all instances are caught.

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  1. Steve L says:

    Hello Dan
    I am the person that is being accused by Daylight Atheism as the masquerader. I have denied it and the actual person who wrote the inflammatory remarks has identified himself as Nero. Because of the IP#s displayed by Adam of Daylight Atheism, I am prounced guilty. I am shocked that this has been commented on before I could prove otherwise. I have today called 1-800-827-6364 direct to the AOL provider instead of awaiting the email from their privacy dept. I was directed to the Tech Service Dept and was told that my dial-up internet does not use any IP #s.
    I am sending this comment for now to assure that someone has it independently from Adam in case he will no allow me to post it.
    Of course I earlier asked Adam to call AOL with the name of the person in the dept (Lawrence) who noted my call and was aware of the problem. AOL would not email Adam, he had to call them. I told Adam about my call to AOL and no more than that. I am awaiting his AOL call result This has been a nightmare for me. And I hope it will end soon. Thanks

  2. Steve L says:

    Hello Dan
    I have not been allowed to comment on my AOL information to Adam. I tried twice to be comment # 42 but as you can see others have that slot and they are comments favorable to Adam. I am left out in the cold in that thread and cannot reveal anything that may help me prove that I am not Nero or the White Power Atheist. I feel that anyone trying to help will not be allowed to post any comment that may help me. What more can I do?

  3. Steve L says:

    I commented as # 46 twice and Adam removed the first but the 2nd one was his own comment that totally gave his readers the idea that I was accusing him of inserting IP #s when I said that I could assume that or that Nero hacked my email. I have come to the end of this with him in anger over his method arrogance and slimy style in this fixation he has that I am a Christian Masquerader etc.

  4. Steve L says:

    With this Adam in control it is impossible to exonorate oneself. He censors, paraphrases, uses quotes with the exact words out of context, is free to reject anyone who may comment with help, the tonality of his remarks are tilted in a way that inspires demeaning replies from the readers. I have emailed Adam today with a cooler head, that if this matter is indeed closed, them remove the post entitled: Christian Troll Masquerades as Racist Atheist and I no longer care if he apologizes or not. I have also directed Adam to the google of internet crime IP spoofing which has been a problem. This Nero episode has diverted me from family matters etc. Yes it been a horrible experience. I hope that the people who have these web sites realize that can do much damage if they are not reasonable and fair in using their strong position.
    Thanks I hope Adam removes that libelous post.

  5. Steve L says:

    AOL has contacted me today with feedback that they want about my call to thier man in Tech Support. I took this opportunity to ask them to email Adam and to let him therefore know that I indeed called AOL and had spoken to Lawrence who took notes about the IP problem. He is the one who told me that only the hi speed connections have the IP #s
    not dial-up. Adam has hos chance to look into this IP situation directly for the answer. This is what Adam has used as evidence. I asked AOL to PLEASE email Adam and tell him what was told to me. After this I emailed Adam and asked that all Posts entitled Christian Troll Masquerades as a Racist Atheist be immediately removed and and also any other posts and comments with my name mentioned. I stated that there will be no further communication (he calls it rants and whining) but does not disclose them. Thanks again.

  6. Dan Florien says:


    I wanted to believe you, and I was going to email Adam about this, but after reading some of the comments it certainly appears you are guilty. What really gave it away was the “Nero” identity being so concerned to distance himself from you. For instance, he says “Also, Steve Leone is no racist! Does he even exist?” How ridiculous. And “This should prove our innocence. Sorry if it offended anyone.”

    Sure sounds like it’s you writing to me.

    If you want to comment further on this, feel free to do so on my site by I won’t be checking these comments again.

  7. Steve L says:

    I don’t know what to say. I just cannot believe that Nero’s words trying to disconnect me from him are used to tie us together. His use of the word WE was clearly meant to be his group of white power atheists. His use of the word OUR is unclear, could be his way of saying me and he are not the same person. His blog language using the N–word and the F— word are nothing like my language in posts that have not rejected my comments.
    In any case Adam has not allowed me any comments and I have contacted AOL asked them to respond to Adam about my IP #s via their man Lawrence.
    I suspect you are a friend of Adam and do not want to get involved. I am of course disappointed that you came to believe the Nero thing as does Adam.
    I feel like I have been thrown to the lions. This has been a nightmare and I will continue to try to exonorate my good name.

  8. Steve L says:

    I have referred Adam and now you to google

    Internet Crime then IP Spoofing and this may be the answer to the IP problem. Hope all ends now.

  9. Nero says:

    Last Time I’m telling anyone this, I had NO intention of this happening!
    Can we all relax now? Can’t we all just get along?
    (ps I am not a White Supremacist, I just wanted to know if atheists would react to Nazi Atheist…)

  10. Steve L says:

    Dan and Adam are two very unusual people to put it mildly.

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