August 17, 2009

micvicTime to Forgive Michael Vick?
It’s the way of our justice system, the way of civilized societies. Someone commits a crime. He’s sentenced. He completes the sentence. Then he’s welcomed back. If we can’t see fit to toss goodwill Vick’s way for these reasons, consider this one: Forgiveness is good for our health. (Dana Scarton, Salon)

Psychologists Gather in Canada to Write New Book on Science of Relationships
Scholars say this prestigious meeting of the minds, which will address the cutting edge of couples research, demonstrates how far a field long dismissed as “frivolous” has come. It was just 34 years ago when a small psychological study of love sparked worldwide outrage, with critics finding it absurd—and for some, even blasphemous—that science would attempt to unravel such a sacred experience. (Misty Harris, Canwest News Service)

Fundamentalism Is the Problem
We ought to reject the shibboleth, advocated by both religious and secular fundamentalists, that religion and science are doomed to be antagonists. They are both legitimate ways of knowing within their limited spheres and should both complement and temper each other. The trouble comes when one tries to assert universal hegemony over the other. (Rod Dreher, Dallas Morning News)

Do Students Need to Know the Bible—Even If They Don’t Believe It?
While people on different sides will object to the Bible being misused in the classroom, all of us on all sides ought to object to the Bible being ignored in the classroom. (William Mattox Jr., USA Today)

Cadavers Help Medical Students Appreciate Life and Deal With Death
Working with real human bodies, some students say, reminds them of the individuality of each patient—dead or alive—and makes them more compassionate doctors. (Tara Ballenger, The Boston Globe)

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