Ophelia Benson Believes Faith Is Eradicable

dghw“I don’t think scientific progress sounds the death knell or even the closing time bell for religion. I think science is a powerful rival to religion for many people, and that technology makes it less necessary for many people, but I also think religion is extremely resilient,” Ophelia Benson, co-author of the new book Does God Hate Women?, tells the New Statesman.
“I don’t quite believe that faith is ultimately ineradicable though. I think that’s an unknown. There have been in the past and are in the present societies that have very little of what we would recognize as religious faith. It dies off as easily as it is formed. Travelers in the American back country in the early 19th century were shocked at how entirely godless the European settlers were—they’d never even heard of the basic tenets of Christianity. I think current ideas about ineradicable faith and god-shaped holes are greatly exaggerated.”

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