Christian Billboards Go Up in Florida

bbThe Community Issues Council, a Christian group in Florida, is putting up a bunch of billboards with the same underlying message (according to the Web site tagged on the signs):

America’s government was made only for people who are moral and religious. It’s not suited for governing anyone else.

A number of the billboards have quotes from early U.S. presidents—some real and some made-up. George Washington, for instance, never said, “It is impossible to rightly govern the world without God and the Bible.”
As Terry Kemple, president of the CIC, tells the St. Petersburg Times:

I don’t believe there’s a document in Washington’s handwriting that has those words in that specific form. However, if you look at Washington’s quotes, including his farewell address, about the place of religion in the political sphere, there’s no question he could have said those exact words.

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