For Some, Extra Embryos Lead to Hard Decision

Most couples that undergo in-vitro fertilization would rather destroy their extra embryos than donate them to another couple, according to Dallas-Fort Worth channel WFAA. Surplus embryos can be donated to another couple, discarded, or given over for research—which essentially means they’re destroyed. “Given the three options,” Dr. Kevin Doody of the Center for Assisted Reproduction tells the TV station, “the majority of couples actually desire to discard their embryos or donate them to research, rather than for reproductive purposes.”
At Doody’s clinic, about 10 percent of these surplus embryos are donated to other couples, but the national average is about 1 percent.
“I think it’s been slow to catch on,” he says, “and frankly, I’m a bit mystified myself as to the reason behind that.” —Heather Wax

Category: Bioethics


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